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Anthony Guglielmo

Stafford's First Selectman-Elect: A New Face But A Familiar Name

In the two weeks between his decisive Nov. 3 win in the race for Stafford's First Selectman and his official starting date of Nov. 17, Tony Frassinelli (D) worked to get up to speed on all that is happening in Stafford so he could, in his words, "hit the ground running."

"I have to give Rich [Shuck] credit. He's been very good in helping with the transition process," said Frassinelli.

Frassinelli said he was very pleased with the 40 percent voter turnout and the results.

"We worked very hard to get those results," he said. "We thought the timing was right for our message of open government. We did a lot of door to door and face to...