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Track and Field

Ellicott City resident Anthony (Ace) Valentine won three national championships and set an all-time national record this past weekend at the USA Track and Field National Championships held in Greensboro, NC from July 23-28.

For the eight and under participants, Ace (8 years old) won the following events: 200 meters (28.72), 400 meters (1:05.50) and long jump (4.20 meters or 13 feet, 9 inches). In the 400 meters, Ace set the new all-time national record for USATF with a time of 1:05.69 in the preliminaries and then broke his record again in the finals by running 1:05.50.

Jump rope

Thirteen members of the Kangaroo Kids Competition Team from Howard County recently competed at the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Detroit, Michigan. The event featured over 250 jumpers from 26 different jump rope teams from the United States and two teams from Canada.

In order to qualify to attend the Junior Olympic Games, jumpers had to place in the top 10 for their age group at regional qualifiers across the country in various events. Jumpers competed individually, in pairs, in double dutch teams and also as a team. At the Junior Olympic Games, medals were awarded for the top three places and ribbons were awarded for places four through 10 for each component event. In addition, Overall Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals were awarded in each age group for the top three Individuals, Pairs, Double Dutch Teams and Team Shows.

In the Overall Individual events, Aaron Weingrad earned an Overall Silver Medal and both Cameron Simmons and Lauren Bork earned Overall Bronze Medals. Taking home an Overall Bronze Medal for Double Dutch was the team of Lauren Bork, Christina Kratzmeier, Ryan McGuire and Aaron Weingrad. The Senior Team consisting of Lauren Bork, Christina Kratzmeier, Michael Laper, Michael Maiden, Devin Meek, Drew Meininger, Ryan McGuire, Cameron Simmons, Aaron Weingrad and Alison Young won the Gold Medal for Team Show. 

Top 10 results for the Kangaroo Kids jumpers:

Male Single Rope Events

One-Minute Speed

11-12: 8. Michael Laper.

13-14: 6. Drew Meininger, 8. Devin Meek.

15-17: 2. Aaron Weingrad, 3. Cameron Simmons, 4. Ryan McGuire.

One-Minute Power

11-12: 9. Michael Maiden.

13-14: 7. Drew Meininger, 9. Devin Meek.

15-17: 2. Cameron Simmons, 3. Aaron Weingrad, 4. Ryan McGuire.


11-12: 2. Michael Laper, 3. Michael Maiden.