How the fight will turn out, nobody knows. Maybe there will be a compromise or a coalition, and maybe there won't.


A petition for a writ of certiorari directing Magistrate John W. Loeber, of Catonsville, to produce docket records of the hearing given Samuel R. Mattison, of Woodlawn, last Friday was filed on Wednesday in the Circuit Court at Towson.

Mattison was fined $10 and costs on an assault charge which was made, it was said, because Mattison swished a stick at Guy Garman, a lumber company operator.

Garman preferred the charge after Mattison allegedly refused to allow Garman's trucks to use a road near Mattison's home. He also contended that Mattison threatened him. Mattison asserted the road is a private one and said he wanted to prevent it from being rutted.

The petition, filed through Mattison's attorney, Harry D. Kaufman, contended that the case was out of Magistrate Loeber's jurisdiction; that Mattison was convicted illegally because he was denied the right to testify fully in his own behalf, and that the magistrate failed to notify the State's Attorney about the case, as provided by law.

At the hearing, it was testified that Mattison parked his automobile across the entrance to the road and crawled under it and remained there for about three hours. It was in this position, it was said, that he swished the stick at Garman's ankle.


Mrs. Lawrence Miller of Relay is seriously ill in Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, and when a blood transfusion was necessary, the blood was supplied by her son, Gregory.

Mrs. Miller is now reported as slightly improved, and her many friends wish her a speedy recovery.

50 Years Ago

An article in the Feb. 14, 1963, edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian reported an early morning fire.

A Catonsville mother and her young son were treated for smoke inhalation and shock after a fire broke out in their two-story dwelling.

Mrs. Mary E. Harrison of Gralan road and her son, Joseph were removed to St. Agnes hospital in a private car and treated for smoke inhalation and shock early Sunday morning, Feb. 10. A spark from their living room fireplace was said to have been the cause of the blaze. Damage to the house and its contents were considerable. Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department assisted the Catonsville firemen.


Six-year-old Edward Pearson of 5809 Heron Drive, Halethorpe, was taken to St. Agnes hospital on Feb. 8 after he suffered a fall from his bicycle which he was riding in the 5800 block Heron Drive. According to police, the child was traveling down the hill at a high rate of speed and struck a raised place in the concrete sidewalk causing him to lose control of his bike and fall to the sidewalk.


Three girls, all sixth graders, were arrested and taken to the Wilkens Police station after they were observed trying to leave a ten cent store on the Baltimore National Pike on Feb. 1 without paying for articles valued at $21.43.

The parents who were summoned to the station, were advised that the girls are not to go to any of the shopping centers unless they are accompanied by an adult.


Congressmen Carlton R. Sickles and Clarence D. Long have announced the awarding of a $2 million contract to the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Baltimore, by the Bureau of Naval Weapons for manufacture of torpedo components. The work will be done in the Lansdowne plant.

Material from the archives courtesy of the Catonsville Historical Society.