Harford County sheriff's deputies and Maryland State Police report:


Samantha Welch, 20, of the 400 block of Ruby Drive, was charged Monday with driving while her license and privilege were revoked, displaying suspended license, possessing suspended license, negligent driving, passenger age 16 or older in outboard front seat without seat belt restraint, failure to obey properly placed traffic control device instructions, operating sound amplification system from vehicle that can be heard from 50 feet or more and speeding.

Jeana A. Pailer, 21, of the 300 block of Mayberry Street, was charged Saturday with possession of marijuana.

Arthonis Jones, 42, of the first block of Swan Street, was charged Friday with second-degree assault.

Bryant Wyche, 47, of the 400 block of Holly Drive, was arrested Thursday on a bench warrant in a case in which he was charged with endangerment with an alcoholic beverage.

Scooter parts were stolen from the 1100 block of Old Philadelphia Road Sept. 16.

A house in the 2100 block of Park Beach Drive was broken into Sept. 16.

Kids in the 100 block of Spesutia Road were harassed Sept. 18 onFacebook.

Aberdeen police report:

Bryan E. Gillis, 37, of the 500 block of Ohio Court, was charged Sunday with first- and second-degree assault.

Jason Ryan Jenkins, 34, of the 700 block of Custis Street, was charged Sunday with disorderly conduct, trespassing on private property, failure to obey a lawful police order, resisting arrest and drinking alcoholic beverage in a retail area.

David J. English, 41, of the 300 block of West Greenwich Street in Reading, Pa., was arrested Thursday on two bench warrants in cases in which he was charged with failure to return a rented vehicle, unlawfully taking a vehicle, theft between $10,000 and $100,000 and driving while his license was suspended.

Christopher Pike, 28, of the 100 block of Meeks Drive, was charged Thursday with possession of marijuana.

Cara Maria Ricci, 22, of the 1000 block of Stengel Avenue in Dundalk, was charged Sunday with possessing marijuana, resisting arrest and obstructing police.

Shamore F. Anderson, 18, of the 300 block of Heron Street, and Deandre L. Randall, 18, of the first block of Liberty Street, were charged Wednesday with first-degree burglary and four counts of second-degree assault.

Police responded Thursday to reports of welding equipment stolen from Aberdeen Concrete Block Products, in the 900 block of Old Philadelphia Boulevard.

Police responded Thursday to reports of someone using a fireplace poker to break into a property in the first block of Swan Street. Nothing was reported stolen.

A caller in the 200 block of Schmechel Street told police Thursday kids were throwing rocks at the home.

Police responded Thursday to reports of two people hitting each other with sticks in the first block of New County Road on Thursday.