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De Cormier Nissan

George F. De Cormier was born on February 7, 1918 in Longmeadow, Mass.  He attended Springfield schools, and graduated from Commerce High.  He met his wife, Wilhelmina while in second grade.  They were married just after World War II began. They moved to Connecticut where George worked as an Engineering Director for Pratt and Whitney in East Hartford. 

In late 1945, George decided he wanted to open his own business and be his own boss. His idea was to purchase older vehicles, repair them, and sell them for profit. This idea would become "De Cormier Motor Sales.”
The original building on 24 Maple Street in Manchester was an older two story with large windows on the first floor and two apartments upstairs.  He paid Victor D'Anniello three months rent in advance, put the deposits down for the phone and lights, and purchased a desk, bench grinder,  electric drill, a clamp and vise, a chain fall, a work bench, a jack, two creepers, and a compressor.

In 1955, De Cormier received a Rambler Franchise. They also had Hudson's and Metropolitan's until Hudson merged with Nash and became American Motors. In 1970, George dropped the American Motors portion and signed up with Datsun which later became "Nissan". 

In December of 1960, while celebrating 15 years of successful business, De Cormier Motors moved to a new location on 285 Broad Street. This would be their home for the next 36 years. This new location offered more space and a luxurious showroom with air conditioning and tinted store windows. Most dealers did not have these luxuries. Business was growing. George's ethical business plan was in full swing. Customers could come in, get treated with respect, and get a fair deal. Over the years, De Cormier Motors has earned a large, dedicated customer base.

Customers who bought or leased here refer friends and family members knowing that the De Cormier family would care for them.

Middletown Nissan

Owner’s Name: Dave Calabrese
Address: 1153 Newfield Street, Middletown
Phone number: 860-632-6550
Web site: MiddletownNissan.com
Years in business: 16
Number of employees: 80-plus

Major milestones:

Eight-time recipient of the “Owner First Award of Excellence.” This is an award given to distinguished Nissan Dealers for compliance and how they treat their customers.

Opening the Middletown Nissan Pre-Owned Value Center where everyone can buy a quality car regardless of credit status.

No. 1 sales volume dealer in the market.

A-plus rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Charities and local affiliations: Major contributor to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, various local toy drives and many other community events and fundraisers.

Why do people enjoy doing business with you?

Owner Dave Calabrese grew up in the business, staring as a technician and becoming an owner who understands what customers want and what his employees go through each day. His true love for cars and people is apparent to all because he is a real owner/operator who is at the dealership every day. He has hired and trained an experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

What is your vision for your company’s future?

Dave wants to continue to grow the right way, by taking care of each customer and continually training and developing his family of employees.

Dave also is driven to find ways to provide customer value through rebates, discounts, incentive programs, financing partnerships and always having the right invento

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