Potential NFL landing spots for former UCF QB Blake Bortles.

A little after 8 o'clock tonight, the NFL Draft will begin. Sometime soon after that, former UCF quarterback Blake Bortles will learn the next stop in his career.

Just where that may be, nobody quite knows. Not even the experts.

We may not be able to narrow down the list, but let’s take a look at the possible landing spots for Bortles.

Houston Texans – The Texans hold the top overall selection, and while it seems they may have cooled on the prospect of selecting Bortles in that No. 1 spot, I’m hearing there is still plenty of interest from the Texans camp.

It could be the most ideal landing spot for Bortles.

Houston has a new head coach in Bill O’Brien, a George O’Leary protégé, and its quarterback coach and offensive coordinator is former UCF assistant George Godsey. They have a solid running game with Arian Foster, high-end receivers in Andre Johnson and second-year wideout DeAndre Hopkins, and a defense that has some very good pieces.

Most likely scenario: Texans trade back, maybe to No. 6 with the Atlanta Falcons, and select Bortles there.

Jacksonville JaguarsBortles is a local product, and Jaguars’ coach Gus Bradley seemed to like the Oviedo native when I spoke with him at the NFL Combine and the NFL owners’ meetings. That being said, the word around the Jaguars has indicated they are not looking to snag a quarterback this high.

If Bortles does land in Jacksonville, it may take some time on offense. The Jaguars have Chad Henne on the roster, so Bortles wouldn’t need to play right away, but the bigger question would circle around the players surrounding the quarterback position.

Most likely scenario: Jaguars pass on Bortles and take a player like Jadeveon Clowney, Sammy Watkins or Jake Matthews.

Cleveland BrownsThis is one of the more intriguing scenarios for Bortles, and there’s double the chance he ends up in Cleveland.

The Browns hold the No. 4 overall pick, but then select again at No. 26. And while the Browns are a far, far cry from the perfect landing spot – the highest profile quarterback in the franchise history is probably Bernie Kosar – they have some intriguing weapons. Josh Gordon may be one of the biggest playmakers in the NFL and Jordan Cameron caught 80 passes for nearly 1,000 yards at tight end.

With Kyle Shanahan coming over from Washington to take the reins of the offense, it’d be intriguing to see what he could do with Bortles in the Browns’ offense. Remember, prior to his RGIII-designed read-option offense, Shanahan orchestrated Houston’s success with Matt Schaub, a passer with a similar skillset to Bortles in the pocket. And Bortles’ ability to run the read-option opens up aspects of that scheme, as well.

Most likely scenario: Cleveland could take Bortles at No. 4 overall, and if they opt for another position and Bortles is available at No. 26, it’d be shocking not to see Bortles headed to Cleveland.

Oakland RaidersBortles flew out to the West Coast to visit with Oakland, but that was before the Raiders acquired Matt Schaub from the Texans.

Since that move, speculation of a quarterback to Oakland with the No. 5 pick has cooled. It was a potential landing spot for Bortles early on in the process, but it seems like an outside shot now. A bright spot if Oakland does take him: he’d join former teammate Latavius Murray in the Bay Area.

Most likely scenario: Oakland passes on Bortles and looks to help out its more glaring roster weaknesses.

Tampa Bay BuccaneersAnother potential local landing spot for Bortles, who met with the Buccaneers during the draft process and could be an answer on a team that is not quite sold on Mike Glennon.

While Glennon may not be the answer, Tampa Bay did go out and sign Josh McCown, and it’s less likely now that they snag Bortles at No. 7 overall.

Most likely scenario: Tampa Bay maybe looks to move out of this spot as a potential trade partner for a team trying to snag Bortles before Minnesota has a chance with the next pick.