Seminole school district officials are still giving mixed signals about the status of Longwood Elementary. Is it closed or not?

Two years ago when students were transferred out of the school in what was labeled a cost saving move,  officials insisted they were only "suspending operations." They bristled at the insinuation that the school was "closed."

It sort of sounded like a case of Sleeping Beauty syndrome, with the school awaiting only an awakening kiss to be reopened. But there's no handsome prince in sight.

During a meeting Tuesday of local mayors and school district officials, Longwood Mayor Brian Sackett asked point blank wheither the school would reopen.

"Not at this time," Superintendent Walt Griffin said. "We will keep an eye on the population, and if the population grows, we would address it at that point."

Meanwhile, the school district has moved its virtual school into a section of Longwood Elementary. No word on how that cost savings thing worked out, since a school is up and running there once more, at some expense.

The city also is using a part of the building for senior activities, and Mayor Sackett said it has interest in using the playground and other facilities as well.