CEO Marissa Mayer implements a ban on telecommuting, forcing all Yahoo employees to work from company offices.

Yahoo's move to stop allowing employees to work from home has not convinced some Central Florida companies to follow the Internet giant's lead.

"We allow everyone to optionally work from home Tuesdays and Thursdays. We've done this for three years and it seems to work great," said Gregg Pollack, CEO and founder of Envy Labs, an Orlando-based Web-app-development company. "People enjoy the freedom, and it adds to the laid back and creative-centric culture we try to promote."

Officials at AAA, headquartered in Heathrow, said their telecommuting policy is "determined on a case-by-case basis." Spokeswoman Laura Palermo said the agency’s human resources department has "no plans to make changes to the policy."

Technology websites and other news sources on Tuesday reported that Yahoo's human resources chief Jackie Reses sent a memo to employees informing them the company would cease allowing employees to work from their home computers.

Yahoo officials did not comment about the leaked memo.

Brice Gramm, COO at Purple, Rock, Scissors, said the Orlando-based digital marketing agency doesn't currently have a "defined work-from-home policy," but it's keeping an eye on Yahoo's decision.

"We're interested to hear this announcement from a big tech company like Yahoo," Gramm said. "It's a dramatic change in policy for a web-based company, and we'll definitely be watching to see how the increased in-office time affects the company's business and its bottom line in the future."

Officials at other companies said they consistently review their employee's work policy.

A local spokeswoman for telecommunications giant AT&T said the wireless carrier's Distributed Workplace program includes "telecommuting and flexible work options for our employees for whom it makes the most sense."

"We consistently look at all of our policies to ensure they make sense for the company and employees," said spokeswoman Michele Money-Carson.