Orlando attorney Mark NeJame was a constant presence on CNN during the George Zimmerman trial. With the trial over, viewers may even see more of NeJame as legal analyst on CNN.

I talked to NeJame last week, and he told me he will be in New York this week. "Ashleigh Banfield's got a new format for her show," NeJame said. "They've told me they'd like me to be on with her for a couple of days."

On Monday, NeJame was on Banfield's new "Legal View," which airs at 11 a.m. weekdays.

NeJame usually offers his commentary from Central Florida, and you can expect to see him on certain programs in the CNN lineup.

"Ashleigh and I worked shoulder to shoulder really throughout the entire Zimmerman trial," NeJame said. "I did as many as eight shows a day. Wolf Blitzer I'm on a lot. Don Lemon and I hit it off spectacularly. We had a real discussion that had a lot to do with race relations and got a lot of positive feedback on social media. Also Erin Burnett, who I think the world of. She's a real pro. Those are the four that I think you'll likely see me on the most. I've done Anderson Cooper and Piers [Morgan], but Anderson has kind of his core group."

NeJame adds, "I occasionally do HLN, but I really enjoy CNN."

NeJame is also writing for CNN.com. "They've been very generous," NeJame said. "Whenever I can give them a piece, they want it. So I've done several, but it's just to find the time to do it."

NeJame continues to provide legal analysis locally on Central Florida News 13. When he's not available, News 13 turns to other attorneys in NeJame's firm.

"I have some good really good lawyers in my firm. My firm has 17 lawyers now," NeJame said. "Two or three have worked out really great. They're great lawyers, and they do great on television."