Mike Thomas: A natural talent who kept his word

Mike Thomas

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas soars above Jurassic Park at Universal's Islands of Adventure, with notebook in hand, in 1999. (ORLANDO SENTINEL FILE / March 25, 1999)

C. 5,000

3. Thomas is a graduate and sometimes obnoxious football fan of:

A. The University of Wisconsin

B. The University of Florida

C. Florida State University

4. What was the name of Thomas' Florida Magazine column?

A. Restless Native

B. Contented Tourist

C. Column World

5. What did Thomas call his Florida Magazine recap of the year's most bizarre stories?

A. Ouch!

B. Oops!

C. What the..?!?!

6. Which political figure was mentioned most frequently in Thomas' columns?

A. Buddy Dyer

B. Barack Obama

C. Jeb Bush

7. What did Thomas call manatees?

A. Gentle giants

B. Mermaids of the deep

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