Serge Trezy


Where former Orlando Agape Christian star athlete Serge Trezy ends up for the rest of his college career will depend mostly on what position he wants to play.

Trezy, how just finished up his final season at Eastern Arizona College, is down to two schools.

Wisconsin wants him as a defensive back/return specialist. Cincinnati wants him as a running back/return specialist.

For those who know Trezy, the idea of having the ball in his hands is far more appealing to the 6-foot-1, 191-pound speedster, who runs a 4.29 40-yard dash.

Trezy says, however, his decision won't be that simple. He's taken official visits to both. He also said it's possible he could visit Southern Miss. He could get other offers, but Wisconsin and Cincinnati are the front-runners.

"It's hard. I just don't know," he said Monday. "They're both in the cold weather, so that's going to be something I gotta get used to. I want to play running back.

"I can play running back at Cincinnati, but at Wisconsin they want me for defense and that might be a little trouble. I'm really an offensive player, so I don't know."

The one sticking point for Trezy is that Wisconsin coaches have told him they would take a look at him at running back if he came on board. With nothing being guaranteed, however, Trezy is on the fence.

He's hoping to decide within the next month. He's also unsure if he will have enough credits to graduate this semester, but there is a slim possibility that Trezy could be on an FBS campus this spring. 

He just has to decide which one it would to be.

"It is hard. I'm not really a defensive player. I'm an offensive player," Trezy said. "When the ball is in my hands, that's when I can work." 

Trezy, who was a teammate of current UCF redshirt freshman Drico Johnson, both of whom graduated from Agape in 2012, recently finished his final season at Eastern.

During his first year of college, he was at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas for the summer of 2011, but Hutch wanted him to redshirt and Trezy wanted no part of that.

He moved on to Eastern, where he played defensive end and ran back kicks during his freshman season. He was limited offensively, after coming in late, and had to familiarized himself with the Gila Monsters' option offense.

"I was familiar with the I-formation, but they ran the option over here so I wasn't familiar with the plays," Trezy said, "I was just standing on the sidelines, so I talked to the coach and asked him to let me go ahead and get some [playing time] on the defensive side, so they put me at D-end.

"It took me some time to figure out the offense."

This past season was more to his liking. He played running back, rushing for 814 yards and averaged 7.8 yards per carry, scoring six touchdowns, and he had more than 1,300 yards all-purpose with his return totals. He earned all-conference honors.

He's coming off an official visit to Wisconsin this past Thanksgiving weekend.

"It was pretty good. They had a good crowd and environment at the football game," Trezy said of the Badgers' loss to Penn State. "But I didn't get to see how the city really is because most everyone was on Thanksgiving break. It was pretty good though."