Park Avenue in Winter Park may be the jewel of Central Florida, but you can overdo it. Orlando Sentinel reporter Jon Busdeker explains the "14 Signs You're Spending Too Much Time on Park Avenue"

Wow Central Florida, you really, really love Park Avenue in Winter Park. 

Earlier this week, I posted the video "14 Signs You're Spending Too Much Time on Park Avenue", and so far it's been viewed more than 10,000 times and shared on Facebook more than 1,000 times.

Some viewers liked it so much they sent me suggestions to add to the list. Here's some of the best ones: 

From longtime Winter Park resident Sue Randolph: 

"The reason one can tell I am spending too much time on Park Ave is because, when I go to lunch at Pannullo’s for lunch, they automatically bring me the Portobello Caprese."

From Panullo's owner Michael Schwartz: 

"Your spending too much time on Park Ave if you grew up eating at Pannullo's, ate there with your kids, and now take your grandchildren there!" 


Dawn Viola mentioned the bunnies, which I'm not aware of, but would love to see: 


From Jeanne Perry on Facebook: 

"I actually saw a Mom's (or maybe Nanny's) group having a little morning coffee playdate [at Pottery Barn] on one of the living room displays on the second floor of the store. You know you spend too much time on Park Ave when you think Pottery Barn is your living room!"


From Orlando Local Guide: 


From Ricky Ly of Orlando food blog