Lost and Found

Lost and Found


Frozen lemon juice is back

December 18, 2014

With Christmas just a week away, many of us are scrambling to get the holiday dinner details finalized. Whether you serve a traditional meal at home, eat out or just wing it (ooh wings!) on Christmas Day, now is the time to wrap up those details.

  • Chicken sliders have slipped away

    December 11, 2014

    Is everyone gearing up for the next round of feasting? It won't be long now.

  • Pork pies, a holiday favorite

    December 4, 2014

    Are you still shuffling around leftovers from last week's feast? It's time to move them out to make room for the next round of holiday foods.

  • Cross spinach pasta off list

    November 27, 2014

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • We're hunting down pudding

    November 20, 2014

    I'm making my list and checking it twice. It's not my Christmas list. It's my Thanksgiving shopping list. Fried turkey is on our menu. And as always my husband is the expert fryer chef. Whatever your meal tradition is for the holidays, start checking your pantry and getting your refrigerator ready for your upcoming feast.

  • Pre-order your fresh bird

    November 13, 2014

    Just a reminder that Thanksgiving is just two weeks away. If you're a fan of serving up fresh turkey for your holiday feast, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to pre-order your bird as not all sources keep fresh fowl in stock.

  • We've struck oil big time

    November 6, 2014

    To be more "green" I've decided to make an effort to serve more vegetables. With a veggie dish served at each meal as a side or main dish, I am supporting local farms, the economy, environment and – best of all – making sure my family eats healthfully. Now let's see what our shoppers have been up to:

  • The hunt is on for hot sauce

    October 30, 2014

    I have a few rules about protocol when I am invited to someone's house for any reason. First, I never go empty handed, even if they don't ask me to bring something. Simple host gifts such homemade cookies or jam, or a bottle of wine are easy, affordable and always welcome. Second, I always leave at or near the time stated on the invitation. It's never a good idea to overstay your welcome. And, third, when it is time to go, don't simply disappear. Always thank your host before you leave.

  • Missing ice cream found

    October 23, 2014

    Have you ever gone into your pantry and found potatoes with so many sprouts that they look like something from the Syfy channel?

  • Olives found, Nice!

    October 16, 2014

    I always appreciate your feedback. And it's nice when I get notes telling me that something I wrote reminds them of fond memories from their lives too.

  • Apple cinnamon bread found

    October 9, 2014

    A diligent reader contacted the Minute Maid about the missing frozen lemon juice. Vicky was told that they are working to correct this and get it back on shelves by mid fall. They sincerely regret any inconvenience this has caused their customers, the spokesperson for Minute Maid said.



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