Please note! All dates subject to change without notice. "Limited" means limited release on that date.


Battle for Terra 3D (Roadside Attractions) This animated war movie is an ecological allegory about humans invading a peace-loving alien planet in order to save the human race. Danny Glover, Evan Rachel Wood, James Garner and Brian Cox are among the voice-actors.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (New Line/Warner Bros.) Matthew McConaughey is haunted by the ghosts of his exes as he attends his younger brother's wedding. Jennifer Garner, Michael Douglas and Anne Archer are also in the cast.

Is Anybody There? (Big Beach Films) Michael Caine co-stars in this tale of a small boy growing up in a retirement home on the coast of England in the 1980s.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Fox) We learn how the dude with the killer fingernails first figured out how to use them, and why he went on the run in this Hugh Jackman prequel to the X-Men films.


Next Day Air (Summit) Donald Faison, Mos Def and Mike Epps star in this action comedy about a UPS driver who delivers a package of cocaine bricks to the wrong address.

Star Trek ( Paramount) J.J. Abrams' updating and rebooting of the franchise with a new cast playing the "young" Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock, Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Sulu (John Cho), who meet for the first time in this adventure that boldly goes where many others have gone before.


Adoration ( Sony Classics) Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan's latest is a comment on Net culture as a teen invents a fanciful life for himself and his family on the web causing controversy and consternation.

Rudo y Corsi (Focus) Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna reunite to star as sibling rivals within the world of Mexican professional soccer in this Carlos Cuaron comedy-drama.


Angels & Demons (Sony) Tom Hanks returns in this sequel to the worldwide smash The Da Vinci Code promises more history, mystery and the threat of a terrorist act against the Vatican. The Catholic Church is already hinting at condemning the picture.


Lorna's Silence (Sony Classics) This Cannes Film Fest fave is a Belgian drama by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, and is about murder, sham marriages and heroin in Liege.

Management ( Samuel Goldwyn) Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn play a lonely saleswoman and the goofy hotel clerk who falls for her and comically pursues her across country in this indie comedy.


Terminator Salvation (Warner Bros.) Sort of a prequel to the many Terminator movies and sequel to the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series, this picks up the story after Skynet has destroyed most of human civilization and John Connor ( Christian Bale) and others struggle to survive.