Tony de los Reyes' "Cannibal" (COURTESY OF NBMAA / December 17, 2012)

It took a decade for NEW/NOW artist Tony de los Reyes to have his way with Herman Melville's classic Moby Dick (that's about how long it takes most of us to read it). Reyes re-interpreted the book visually, but not in the graphic novel sense; he "reconstructs" the work, using linen, sumi ink and red bister (as with Cannibal, pictured), drawing on a number of stylistic and narrative approaches while creating allegorical parallels between Ahab and America's self-destructive obsessions. The exhibit runs through the beginning of March.


NEW/NOW: Tony de los Reyes: Chasing Moby Dick

ends March 3, New Britain Museum of American Art, 56 Lexington St., New Britain, (860) 229-0257,