Election Night Live Radio Broadcast

Election Night Live Radio Broadcast at Real Art Ways. (Stock photo / October 29, 2012)

Hard numbers don't exist to tell us how many viewers had additional screens on their laps as they watched the three presidential and one vice-presidential debates this fall, but it was undoubtedly greater than the population of Canada. Hartford's Real Art Ways was an early adopter of the two-screen, live-tweet-debate phenomenon; they opened their doors for all four debates, provided WiFi for tweeters and served drinks inspired by Those Wacky Candidates (a P90x Punch, for example, for Paul-Ryan-abs-lovers). On election night (Nov. 6), they'll tap local NPR radio jocks John Dankosky and Colin McEnroe to gab through it all, while guests drink, talk and tweet, on what's bound to be a tough night for some folks. #firstworldproblems

Election Night: Live Radio Broadcast

Nov. 6, 6 p.m., Real Art Ways, 56 Arbor St., Hartford, (860) 232-1006, realartways.org.