Hand Sanitizer

Don't drink and drive. (October 16, 2012)

The Hartford Board of Education gave Superintendent Christina Kishimoto a tepid performance review, and thus it is declining to give her a performance bonus this year. Jeffrey Mirman, an attorney for Kishimoto, took issue with this. The review graded the superintendent in four areas, giving her a score from 1 to 5 in each. Her average score was 2.6, about 52 percent of a perfect score. Because Kishimoto's contract states she is "eligible" for a $30,000 bonus for meeting such goals, Mirman told the Hartford Courant she should get $15,450, about 52 percent of the total bonus she could have gotten. By this logic, if the board had given Kishimoto a 1, the lowest possible score, in every category, it would still owe her an extra $6,000. Only by not coming to work, perhaps, should she be denied anything above her base salary, which is $231,000 a year. (Kishimoto eventually relented and said "pursuit of a bonus, even if contractually obligated, is an unnecessary distraction.")

David Bohn inherited his shares of Preferred Utilities from his father, who founded the Danbury-based manufacturer of industrial energy equipment, and he has served as the company's president since 1994. Last year, Bohn was convicted of using nearly $228,000 in company funds for personal expenses (including vacations, gun purchases and installing a fish pond on his property) and hiding it on his tax returns. He served a month in prison but, because he controls the company's board, returned to his job as president soon after. Now, Bohn's sister, Cynthia Robertson, who was once the purchasing agent for Preferred Utilities, claims in a lawsuit that her brother had her fired for cooperating with federal investigators. The Danbury News-Times reports that the stated reason for Robertson's termination is a personal phone call she made during work hours.

In 2009, three Yale students launched Rap Genius, a website featuring user-generated annotations to hip-hop lyrics so they can be understood by the average white suburbanite. For example, the entry on Gucci Mane's "Sick Swag" explains the line "I'm in ATL, with ounces on the scale" means that Mane is in Atlanta with marijuana and his reference to his "wrist and neck coolin'" communicate that he wears diamond jewelry. (Diamonds are called "ice" in hip-hop parlance. Get it?) Though its founders say the site started as something "to read in your dorm while you're on drugs," Rap Genius recently got a $15 million investment from the firm Andreessen Horowitz, an early investor in Twitter, according to Business Insider, which notes that, after pornography and Facebook, lyrics are the most searched subject on the Internet.

Jennifer Wilcox allegedly skittered her vehicle into another one that had been pulled over by police in Middletown. Officers say they discovered that Wilcox, 36, had been drinking, but not traditional alcohol. Wilcox, who had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit, admitted she drank half a bottle of hand sanitizer, police told the Hartford Courant. According to a few recent news reports, teens have been admitted to hospitals after chugging the product, which is typically 65-percent ethanol alcohol.

Avelino Campos of Monroe entered his ex-wife's condo through a window and was charged with attempted burglary, police told the Monroe Patch website, but Campos, 41, reportedly claimed he wasn't looking to steal anything; he was just trying to get a "peek" at the woman and the window he was leaning against fell in. (The home is under renovation.)

Greenwich bartenders are used to getting flack from beer and wine snobs, but on a visit to Lolita's Cucina and Tequila Bar, Efrain Aguilar apparently took this mentality to a new extreme. Angry that the bar didn't stock his choice of beers, Aguilar, 41, pushed his way behind the bar and shoved the bartender, requiring restaurant employees to escort him out, police told the Greenwich Patch website.

Sick, Sad World: In Cromwell, Lynx Tribuce allegedly got angry that his girlfriend's chihuahua wouldn't stop barking and kicked the 5.8-pound dog to death, police told the Middletown Press. (Tribuce, 36, was reportedly "in shock over what he did and was sickened by it.")

After a patient died at the West River Health Care Center, Dequonna Horne, a 32-year-old aide at the Milford nursing home, allegedly took the deceased's credit card and rang up $2,000 at places like Burger King and Walmart, police told the Connecticut Post.

Daron Cochrane rented $213 worth of video games from the Blockbuster in Naugatuck and then sold them to a gaming store, police told Naugatuck Patch. This marks the first time in a decade any profit was made via a Blockbuster store.

A Hamden police officer driving by a Salvation Army at 1:30 a.m. noticed a pair of feet sticking out of a donation box. WTNH reports that he waited until 51-year-old Michael Rossamondo emerged from the box, having fished out a hairdryer.