Four 20-something's cited for drinking beer on elementary school roof

Four 20-something's cited for drinking beer on elementary school roof (September 11, 2013)

Many readers were disgusted when, in February of 2012, the Hartford Courant revealed the Community Renewal Team, a Hartford anti-poverty agency, was still paying its former CEO Paul Puzzo $85,000 a year (and lending him a car belonging to the agency) even though Puzzo did little work for CRT and seemed to spend most of his time at his Florida condo (as opposed to the house he owned in East Hampton). This countered IRS filings that claimed Puzzo was working at least 35 hours a week for the CRT, whose resources for senior and veteran housing and home repairs for low-income residents were no doubt lessened by its generous payout to a manager who had left in 2005. With federal and state investigations at its back, the CRT sought to alleviate the situation: by agreeing to pay Puzzo the same rate to self-admittedly do nothing. A new Courant report shows that they reached a new pact to pay Puzzo an annual pension of $85,000 and provide his family's healthcare for life (though he has to return to the car).

Overreactions: Frustrated by a rodent problem in his Middletown neighborhood, Nicholas Hoggard allegedly accosted a neighbor about breadcrumbs the man had left in his own driveway. The confrontation got heated, reportedly causing Hoggard, 47, to fetch a rifle (which he is barred from owning as a convicted felon) and walk around with it, reports the Middletown Press. Also, Mark Blum allegedly approached a stranger at a Milford shopping center and asked for a ride home. When the man declined, Blum, 35, allegedly took out a hammer he apparently had with him, dented a metal sign and then threatened the selfish car-owner. As the Connecticut Post pointed out, the shopping center is within walking distance of the home address Blum gave police.

Stereotypes in action: Branford trailer park resident Thomas Schmidt reportedly forced his way into his neighbor Edward Crum's trailer, thinking Crum had his cell phone. Crum grabbed a baseball bat and tried to repel Schmidt, but Schmidt gained control of the bat and threatened Crum, police told WTNH. Crum then allegedly got his BB gun and chased Schmit through the trailer park. Responding officers reportedly found that Schmidt was in possession of knives, jewelry pieces and phone chargers, as well as a bottle of a prescription anti-anxiety medication, all of which they suspect were stolen from parked cars. (We're not sure why anyone would steal multiple cell phone chargers.) In their mugshots, neither man is wearing a shirt with sleeves.

A girl attending her first day of first grade at the Shelter Rock School in Danbury walked home without school officials noticing at first. The tot complained of a fever and was sent to the nurse's office. Showing truancy skills that even the best bad kids don't master until at least age 9, she returned to class and told the teacher the nurse said she could go home. The little hellion then walked out and made it all the way to her family's house, to no doubt gorge herself on Sesame Street and sugary cereal. A deputy superintendent told the Danbury News-Times the girl's escape caused the district to suspend two employees and "review our protocols."

A police officer directing traffic near a construction site in Norwalk allegedly saw 55-year-old Richard Zwart throw a bicycle into the the road and scream racial slurs at an elderly African-American woman quietly sitting on a bench. Zwart — who is "periodically arrested by Norwalk Police for his drunken antics," according to The Hour — may have been frustrated by his inability to get a reaction out of the woman because, as police later discovered, she speaks only Creole and had no idea what Zwart was saying. (At his last court appearance, a judge predicted Zwart's tombstone would someday read, "He was drunk.")

Connecticut's Worst Drivers: A car heading down a Waterbury street at about 50 miles an hour swerved and wound up in the living room of a nearby home. Due to the impact, the "house was shaking," a resident told NBC Connecticut. Meanwhile, another vehicle wound up in another living room in New London, reports WTNH. The driver, 23-year-old Fabiola Belidor was cited for allegedly operating with a suspended license and failure to stop at a stop sign (obviously).

A 14-year-old pupil at the Public Safety Academy in Enfield proved that he might not be a good fit for that particular magnet school when he threatened to bring a gun to class. The boy allegedly made the threat to several peers, reports the Hartford Courant. (The school is tailored for teens with an interest in law enforcement and emergency management careers.)

Jared Denny, who has 10 criminal cases pending before the courts, added an 11th after he reportedly polished off a bottle of liquor and showed up to his hearing at Norwalk Superior Court drunk. The Hour reports that Denny, 39, allegedly berated judicial marshals, calling one a "fake cop" and trying to head-butt him, before he was removed from the building.

Stamford's Craziest Ex: 36-year-old Elba Duran Ortiz De Almanzar allegedly showed up at her ex-husband's home to crash his wedding reception, where she reportedly dumped a plate of food onto a 7-year-old wedding guest, according to the Stamford Advocate.

A quartet of 20-something men thought it would be a good idea to climb onto the roof of Dwight Elementary School in Fairfield on a Sunday afternoon and sit there in folding chairs drinking beer in broad daylight, police told the Fairfield Citizen. All were cited for trespassing.