Danbury Octagon House

The Danbury Octagon House. (Photo courtesy Wikipedia / July 30, 2013)

Eight-sided buildings were an architectural trend in the mid 19th century, spurred on by proto-psychologist Orson Squire Fowler, who wrote that they improved health by allowing for a greater influx of natural lighting. One of his followers was a Danbury carpenter who completed the city's Octagon House in 1853. Though it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the house was abandoned by its last owner a year ago. Since then, "the plethora of doors and windows... once intended to bring sunlight into the interior of the structure have also become easy access points for vagrants," reports the Danbury News-Times. "The 19th century home with Victorian accents, sweeping verandas, fine woodwork, a spiral staircase and eight sides is now home to squatters, peeling paint, empty condom wrappers and vodka bottles, hordes of flies and human feces," a reporter found. As many as six homeless people take to it each night and some are territorial; a city official once boarded up a doorway in the house only to find a vagrant had turned the plywood into a door and placed a padlock on it to keep other squatters out.

Hartford Police Sgt. Steve Kessler is in hot water after he compared a group of black men to gorillas on police radio. The Hartford Courant reports that Kessler, on patrol on the North End, was communicating with another officer when that officer pointed out the men standing outside the Temple of God Church. According to investigators, Kessler responded, "It's like part two of a filming of Gorillas in the Mist," referring to the 1988 movie starring Sigourney Weaver as a naturalist studying apes. For this regrettable pop culture reference, Kessler was suspended for ten days and moved from a community service post to one where no one will have to talk to him.

New Haven's Democratic Town Committee missed a filing deadline and as a result one candidate in the primary for mayor, one running for city clerk and 30 campaigning for alderman are not on the ballot and now must collect signatures. Party activist Eli Greer sent a text message to DTC Chairwoman Jackie James reading, "Time for you to resign!!!!" James responded, "If you contact me again I will call the NHPD!!!!" She later told the New Haven Independent news website that Greer's single text message was an attempt to "harass" her. (For ease of communication, James' phone number is posted on the DTC's website.)

Brian Borry walked into the Plainville police station to complain that his partner in a scheme to defraud Medicaid had shortchanged him, authorities told NBC Connecticut. A disabled woman hired Borry, 43, as a home care aide (paid through the federal program) and they allegedly agreed to submit 27 fraudulent claims, purporting Borry had worked $15,065 worth of hours when he had only worked $6,600. When she did not pay him what he thought was his cut, Borry approached police, who contacted the federal Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Borry then found himself back at the police station to be processed on larceny charges.

A state corrections officer has been arrested on a rare charge: bigamy. Kevin Hornak, who works at the Bridgeport Correctional Center, married his first wife in 1985. We don't know the exact nature of their relationship since, but 20 years later, he took up with another woman and reportedly got hitched to her without ever having undergone a divorce. After the correction center did a routine audit of the dependents on his insurance, the dual marriages were discovered. An investigator interviewed both women and both reportedly showed a valid marriage license, according to the Connecticut Post.

A Fairfield mother was buckling her daughter into her seat on a special-needs school bus when a man in a vehicle behind them exited his car and complained to the bus driver that the process was taking too long, reports the Fairfield Citizen. The woman explained she was securing her disabled daughter. "Then you better be here five minutes early tomorrow or this will be a problem," responded the major asshole. Police are on the lookout for the man who is described as white (of course), in his 60s (of course), well-dressed (of course) and driving a new black Mercedes (of course).

Low-yield thefts: Donna Peirson was arrested on charges of stealing from the Groton Parks and Recreation Department, where she worked as an administrative assistant. Despite her access to the agency's financial records, Peirson, 57, made off with just $2,000, police told The Day. Meanwhile, West Haven police are looking for two men who, while wearing masks and carrying pistols, accosted a woman as she left her house and managed to rob her of $10, reports WTNH.

Tami Jo Daigneult of Vernon drunkenly stumbled into a stranger's home and, at one point, picked up the homeowner's 2-year-old child, police told WFSB. While the whole thing seemed like a plot point from a Hangover movie and the mother managed to shoo Daigneult away, police hit her with a rash of serious charges including first-degree burglary, risk of injury to a minor and home invasion. As she dries out, Daigneult, 43, is jail on a whopping $100,000 bond.