Crime & Punishment: Concerts Are "Public Health Emergencies" According to St. Francis Hospital

A concert tailgate at the Comcast Theatre. (Sean Fowler photo)

Wendy DaCosta, former secretary to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, doesn't exactly deny in her wrongful-termination lawsuit that she violated the city's anti-harassment policy but says others were not punished for their own alleged violations of it. DaCosta, who filled the position from 2004 to 2011, had a fling with Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola. After it fizzled, she allegedly kept sending him texts and phone calls, causing Iadarola to file a harassment complaint, which the city cited as a reason for firing her. She is suing on discrimination grounds, claiming several male employees, including the mayor himself, were not punished for alleged incidents of harassment. (DaCosta also claims the city violated the Family and Medical Leave Act because, according to the strangely self-revealing lawsuit, she was denied leave to enter rehab; the city says the request was "not relevant" as the firing was already scheduled). One couple was given a pass after they were caught having sex in City Hall while it was open for a City Council meeting, DaCosta's lawyer told the Danbury News-Times.

Aldo Ramirez of Stamford allegedly attempted to kidnap his girlfriend but then changed his mind and bought her shoes and took her to dinner, according to The Hour. Ramirez, 23, reportedly threw a tantrum when his lady leaned over to pet a neighbor's dog, inadvertently exposing a breast. Later, Ramirez allegedly broke into her brother's house, where she was staying, by cutting a window screen and then forced her into a cab. During this incident, she called 911, but tensions apparently dropped and the woman called the brother to say everything was all right. Soon after, the couple went to T.J. Maxx's to buy shoes (she was barefoot when they left the house) and then to a Friendly's restaurant for dinner (a fate arguably better than being abducted). Still, Ramirez was arrested on a host of charges.

Due to binge drinking, there is a "public health emergency each time" a concert is held at the Comcast Theatre, the chairman of St. Francis Hospital's emergency department told the Hartford Courant. An average show results in 70 to 90 ambulance transports, says Dr. Steven Wolf, which are spread to ERs throughout the Hartford area. Once hospitalized, the patients are "drunk," "belligerent" and some nearly "comatose." ("[W]e'll see kids who drink a pint of hard alcohol in just over an hour," added an attending physician at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. "It's stunning.") The doctors say Dave Matthews Band shows are notorious. A recent show from Rascal Flatts resulted in 158 emergency calls.

Montville Police Lt. Leonard Bunnell is accused of sexually harassing a female officer and of accessing the state's background check database without proper authority 38 times, but he's the one who's threatening a lawsuit over the ordeal. In an open letter to members of the police union, Bunnell grumbles that he is "being forced to retire" and is considering "whether or not to pursue legal civil action" against the union for its apparent lack of effort in defending him. Bunnell has been allowed to take paid comp time away from official police duties while still working security gigs at private functions as the investigation continues, according to the Montville Patch website.

Gregory Cordray was relieved of his petty officer position aboard a submarine based at the Naval Submarine Base in New London and switched to on-base duty after an alleged drunken incident at a U.S. base in Bahrain. According to documents obtained by the Associated Press, Cordray, 42, had been drinking for nearly seven hours in a club on the base, instigated a fight with a group of British sailors and tried to start a sing-along on a bus headed back to his submarine. This is, apparently, behavior unfitting of a sailor.

Lionel "Tito" Diaz allegedly told the owner of Omar's Market in Bridgeport that he had a gun and would thus be taking the coffee he had grabbed without paying for it. When the store owner did not see a weapon on Diaz's waistband, he rushed out of the store, locking the door and trapping Diaz, 48, inside, police told the Connecticut Post. A frustrated Diaz threw cans at the door until officers arrived.

Middletown police allegedly found 30-year-old Alanna A. Johnson passed out behind the wheel of her car, with the motor running and a 4-year-old child crawling around the backseat, according to the Middletown Patch website.

A Fairfield woman woke up to find that her ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old Thomas Schine (who had previously left 13 "threatening" messages on her voicemail), had apparently thrown a bowling ball through the windshield of her car, police told the Fairfield Citizen.

Cindy Hohstadt was allegedly spotted "hanging out" in front of a Southington business while naked, according to the Southington Citizen. As police approached, Hohstadt, 51, reportedly said she knew she was trespassing and apologized.