Crime & Punishment: Ansonia PTO Treasurer Accused of Stealing $21,000 in School Funds

Last week, we told you about Emiliano Badillo Jr. whose dog survived 14 hours in a hot car after the Middletown dipshit allegedly left him there. Not so lucky was the Yorkie/Chihuahua mix owned by Waterbury asswad Tiffany July-Lindo. During last week's 100-degree heat wave, July-Lindo, 24, apparently thought the dog would be fine in the parked car as she went through her whole goddamn workday, reports WTNH. An hour later, she returned to find the dog dead. An animal control officer on the scene charged July-Lindo with one count animal cruelty. As when Badillo's arrest broke, a local news agency called in a veterinarian to explain, slowly and in short words, that dogs should not be left in hot cars. Dr. Michael Broderick of Woodbridge even felt he had to tell WTNH viewers that it's OK to leave the dog at home, as long as you leave it some water (which comes out of a faucet, you hopeless morons).

In Connecticut, even relatively crappy government jobs are filled via nepotism. The Hartford Courant found that young relatives of Department of Economic and Community Development officials were selected for three of the agency's 17 seasonal positions, two at state-run highway rest stops and one in its central office in Hartford. The jobs, which are filled during the tourism months of May to November, pay decently for temporary work, $12 to $14. Though the DECD set up booths at university job fairs, they apparently still went with a few college-age relatives of its top brass (including the daughter of the $100,000-a-year official who manages the rest stops). The agency's HR director emphasized that there is no rule against hiring a relative and insisted, "These hirings were proper!!!" (the triple exclamations apparently appearing in her email to the Courant).

When police confronted her about missing funds from the Pendergast School PTO, treasurer Kelly Kahyaoglu of Ansonia reportedly admitted she had been stealing from the group but said it was to pay for Christmas presents in light of the loss of her husband's job. This must have been the best Christmas morning ever because Kahyaoglu, 48, allegedly stole $21,000. The Valley Independent Sentinel news website reports that stores where the PTO's debit card was swiped include Autozone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lane Bryant, Only for Her, Petland Discounts, Sterling Pools and (Red Sox fans will be happy to know) an apparel shop of the New York Yankees.

A Bridgeport man had his girlfriend drive him to a car dealership, so he could drive home in his newly purchased Honda. His two kids were still in her back seat when she picked up a friend known to her only as "Yummy." The girlfriend was using the man's bathroom when Yummy, for reasons that remain unclear, drove off with her car with the children still in it, police told the Connecticut Post. The man flagged down police and Yummy — later identified as 23-year-old Charita Mack — was allegedly pulled over a few blocks away.

A postal carrier filed several complaints with the Fairfield Police Department, claiming that 53-year-old Diane Connelly lets her aggressive Chihuahua run loose on his route. Connelly apparently got wind of this and allegedly followed him while walking the dog. "[P]eriodically she let the leash go slack, allowing the dog to move closer to the carrier," reports the Fairfield Citizen. She was charged with disorderly conduct for having "intentionally inconvenienced, annoyed and interfered" with the mailman, according to the police report.

Justin Siernacki used brass knuckles to smash open a car window in Southington, cutting his hand in the process and dripping blood through the car he was attempting to rob, police told the Southington Patch website. While the injured Siernacki fumbled around, he apparently dropped his cell phone (which he eventually left behind) and got away with nothing but loose change, according to police.

A Wilton police officer allegedly spotted a sleepy-eyed Nicholas deSpoelberch sitting in his parked car and then found a drug stash in the vehicle. When he is not nodding off in his car with some illicit pills in the front and a needle, spoon and few folds of heroin in the back, 48-year-old deSpoelberch is dean of students at Regis High School, a prestigious Jesuit prep school on the Upper East Side, reports the Wilton Bulletin.

With her boyfriend and six-year-old daughter in the car, Jacita Candelario spotted her boyfriend's ex bicycling through Hamden and swerved to strike her, police told WTNH. The woman suffered neck, back, and arm injuries while Candelario, 24, allegedly sped away with the bicycle stuck to the undercarriage of her car, but soon stopped because of a flat tire caused by the collision.

In a bizarre incident, a 15-year-old boy was walking around the New Haven Green with a machete, a World War II relic that he thought he could pawn at a local shop, when 29-year-old Michael A. Merenda grabbed it and wildly swung it until he focused his anger on a tree, police told the New Haven Register.