Bartender Buddha

Brenna Fox of Red House in Deep River (Melissa Byron photo / June 28, 2012)

Brenna Fox
found at: Red House (Deep River)

What's the vibe here like?

We had an overwhelming response when we opened in April and it's been very busy on weekends. Our goal is to be a music mecca for the shore line. We are very rock and roll, you can tell as soon as you walk in to the establishment. We have live music on weekends and an open mic night.

What's a good rock and roll cocktail?

Tequila, not chilled, just straight up. Tequila is very rock and roll.

What cocktails are you making for summer?

We like to experiment with margaritas. We have a watermelon thyme margarita with real chunks of watermelon and fresh thyme. We have a chipotle pineapple margarita as well, which, by the way, the spiciness of the jalapeno and the sweetness of the pineapple come together perfectly. We are currently working on a jalapeno and bacon infused vodka to use in our Bloody Marys.

What is the most pathetic pick up line you've heard someone use?

This one caught me off guard. I waited on this guy who ordered a Bud Light, a burger and a chocolate milk. Upon bringing his order to him he says, "Miss, you brought me something I didn't order." And I said, "Oh, I'm sorry what is that?" He said "your smile." Then he said "you just met someone that is going where the sun don't shine, Ah...las..ka." And he asked me for my number. I found it definitely cheesy, especially with the chocolate milk in his hand.

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