Crime & Punishment: Company Accidentally Lists Phone Sex Line As Their Customer Service Number

Lee Whitnum is a perpetual candidate known for her vitriol (likening primary opponent U.S. Rep. Jim Himes to a "Nazi" and calling U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy a "whore") and her frequent (and frequently dismissed) lawsuits. Her personal life is apparently also colorful. Whitnum briefly worked as an aide hired by a resident of Atria, a Darien retirement home. There she struck up a romance with a man 32 years her senior. In a press release meant to draw attention to her plight, she claims Atria and the man's son tried to prevent their wedding (often calling her "Anna Nicole Smith"). The man apparently slipped out with his tux hidden under a raincoat and the two wed at Darien Town Hall. He returned to Atria to pack and move out, alleges Whitnum-Baker (as she now calls herself), but has since seemingly cut off all contact with her. Five months later, he filed for divorce. Whitnum-Baker says he was under "undue influence" when he filed. In April, she was arrested for allegedly trying to trespass into Atria and is now suing the facility, its director and the Darien PD. Whitnum-Baker says he's distraught. "After 35 years of miserable dating and always being on the go, I finally had family life," she says. How miserable was her past dating life? For a few months in the '90s, she was linked to John Kerry. (We're not kidding.)

William Stewart, a 39-year-old tutor, apparently found himself bargaining with them for the tiniest inappropriate gesture. Police told the Connecticut Post that, in separate incidents, Stewart paid two 11-year-old girls to kiss him. He reportedly used candy to lure them into his office at Chapel Street Elementary School in Stratford and then spun a piece of paper, saying that if it "landed" on her name on an attendance sheet, she would have to kiss him. The tweens were apparently not content to obey a middle-aged weirdo and his magic sheet of printer paper, so Stewart reportedly offered each $50. Neither accepted, so he upped his bid to an iPod in one case and $200 and then $250 in the other, according to police. He was charged with risk of injury to minors and disorderly conduct.

Some Hamden residents were shocked when they called a customer service number listed in a power company mailer and reached a phone sex hotline. The New Haven Register reports that the letter reached 2,500 homes and was sent by United Illuminating to tout some new green energy initiative but swapped a "I-877" with an "1-800," a typo that connected callers not to clean power but to dirty talk. Even more embarrassingly, the town allowed UI to use its seal and the electronic signature of Mayor Scott Jackson on the letter.

Retired businessman Anthony Cymerys has been giving free haircuts to the homeless in Hartford's Bushnell Park each Wednesday for the last 25 years (asking for only a hug in return). Last week, city health officials shut the old man down because Cymerys, 82, is not a licensed barber, reports the Associated Press. They say they received concerns about the cleanliness of his operation. Mayor Pedro Segarra granted him special permission to continue and vowed to help Cymerys get a license.

One of the largest drug busts in state history resulted from a routine traffic stop. Twenty-three-year-old Traci Basta was apparently not wearing a seatbelt and failed to signal a turn while driving through Waterbury with 34,500 bags of heroin in her trunk, reports WFSB. Police (who expect additional arrests in the case) estimate the street value of the stash at $350,000.

Two women reportedly went on a rampage after a New Haven convenience store clerk refused to accept one's food stamps to pay for a sandwich. Arnish Aldridge, 21, began "screaming that she didn't want to pay for the sandwich" and then restrained the clerk, while Briana Smith, 19, bit his finger, police told the New Haven Register. Before fleeing, the two also allegedly toppled the cash register, took eight rolls of pennies and tried to splash the clerk with bottle of bleach but hit a customer.

To celebrate the end of the school year, Tolland High School students planned a tailgate pizza party in the school's parking lot. One student told the Hartford Courant that staffers tried to shut it down and the teens became "upset that the administration was treating them like children" — so they ran through the halls en masse, leaving behind a trail of Silly String, eggs, shampoo, puzzle pieces, shaving cream, condoms and underwear in what administrators called a "riot."

Two Stamford police officers were apparently exchanging "inappropriate" text messages with the same 17-year-old girl, reports the Stamford Advocate. Though a state's attorney found no grounds for an arrest, 43-year-old Robert Macari is on a 30-day unpaid suspension and 28-year-old William Garay is out for 10 days.

An argument over dinner plans reportedly led a Norwalk woman to dine on her boyfriend's ear. Ann Walker wanted to go out to eat but her boyfriend didn't and took a shower as a sign he was settling in for the night, police told The Hour. As he exited the bathroom, Walker, 46, allegedly jumped on his back, wrangled him into a headlock and bit his ear.