Kristen Squilliante

Kristen Squilliante (Melissa Byron photo / June 11, 2012)

Kristen Squilliante
found at: Burger Baby (Hartford)

Of all the different establishments you have worked at, which style was your favorite?

I have worked in resorts, sports bars, lounges, clubs and I have to say the easiest, least stressful and more convenient establishment for me would be a night club. You go in at 10 p.m., you're busy, you pump out the same type of drinks all night and you leave with a ton of cash in your pocket. Now, my favorite style of bar to work in is a bar where I have regulars and have conversations. I also think it's important to work at a place where you enjoy the food and I love the food here.

Do you consider yourself a mixologist?

No, compared to others I am not. I read books and come up with cocktails but I am a good old fashion bartender/psychiatrist. Some people who are mixologists are amazing at what they do and I don't hold a candle to that.

What cocktails are you making for summer?

We are working on a Summer Shanty beer cocktail mixed with homemade tarragon syrup, Stoli Sticky (honey flavored vodka), Stoli blueberry, fresh lemons and blueberries. We are also known for our signature spiked shakes which are fun for adults. For example our "Loopi Shake" is Three Olives Fruit Loop vodka, vanilla ice-cream, crushed Fruit Loops and whipped cream.

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