Crime & Punishment: Bridgeport Man High on PCP Starts Acting Like King Kong

Scott Smith was a young New Milford police officer in 1998 when he shot and killed suspect Franklyn Reid (who was wanted on alleged parole violations). After a brief foot chase, Smith got Reid on the ground but Smith says Reid seemed to reach for a weapon. Smith was tried for murder and eventually took a plea deal that prevented him from ever again seeking work as a police officer. After 15 sad years, during which he failed to get a job as a firefighter, Smith committed suicide. You would think all involved would consider the whole thing a grand tragedy, but the mother of Franklyn Reid made this remarkably classless statement to the Danbury News-Times: "Scott Smith, thank you very much for committing suicide. What took you so long?" Pearlylyn Reid (who won $1.6 million in a lawsuit against the town) also said Smith's self-poisoning with carbon monoxide was "justice for Franklyn Reid. What goes around comes around."

Alleged prostitute Jennifer Lowery called police to say her pimp was harassing her. Given she claimed to be a crime victim, officers may have been tempted to ignore the illegality of Lowery's profession, if she had not reportedly met up with a client while waiting for them to arrive at her West Haven motel room. "I thought it would take the police a while to show up," she is quoted as saying in the police report, "so I figured I would turn a trick." On the scene, officers found Lowery about to have sex with Richard Burford, who had paid her $200, police told the Connecticut Post. (The pimp was not located.)

United Airlines threw a Newington woman and her parents off a midnight flight from Las Vegas to Hartford because she seemed sleepy. Mary Montesi told the consumer protection website CT Watch Dog that she took an over-the-counter sleeping pill before the flight so she could snooze through it. "I could see if I was drunk or belligerent but I didn't do anything," says Montesi, 46. They tossed her off the flight. Montesi said she had heard talk beforehand that a pilot had wanted to board the fully-booked flight and saw someone walk past them as they exited with an airline uniform on a hanger slung over his back. United has since apologized.

Fans of One Direction might have encountered a Skype user claiming to be Harry Styles of the British boy band. But Harry.Styles888 turned out not to be the young dreamboat but a 45-year-old apparent sick fuck from Waterbury who allegedly enticed teen fans to get naked on webcam with the promise of concert tickets. Police told the Waterbury Republican-American they found several obscene videos of girls as young as 5 on the computer of John Eastman, as well as photos of the singer he allegedly impersonated.

The drunk-ass principal of a Waterbury elementary school was apparently at it again over Memorial Day weekend. Police told WFSB that Brian Goggin, the head administrator of the Bunker Hill School, was seen knocking on the door of Boru's Bar at 2:30 a.m., after it had closed, and then drunkenly stumbled into traffic. Goggin was previously arrested on DUI charges during his tenure of principal, but was allowed to keep his job after counseling. He has been on administrative leave since this incident.

Joshua Montanez of New Britain was wanted for a string of alleged crimes, ranging from burglary to parole violations to beating a man with a bat as part of a carjacking. Montanez's parents reportedly convinced him to turn himself in, but not before holding a raucous going-away party, at which a fight allegedly broke out between the family and their downstairs neighbors. WFSB reports that Montanez and several of his relatives, including his grandmother, were hauled away in handcuffs.

A naked man high on PCP going berserk in Bridgeport hardly qualifies as news anymore. But a duster recently took the routine up a notch when he imitated a classic movie monster, stomping his legs and hanging his arms as he screamed "King Kong!" and then climbed atop a car to defecate on the hood. The incident, which was captured in a 13-minute video posted to YouTube, ends predictably with the man being Tasered by a cadre of police and hauled away.

Burglars have hit two Glastonbury homes and two in nearby towns while their residents were at the funerals of family members. "These events are normally publicized and it is easy to conclude the home will be vacant," the Glastonbury Police Department warned on its Facebook page. They recommended finding a house sitter before paying your final respects in order to protect yourself from this new societal low.

Brent Johnson, a volunteer with the Milford Technology Advisory Council, allegedly stole 50 computers the nonprofit group planned to donate to needy children and veterans and sold them on Craigslist. The town school district had donated the old computers and Johnson, 24, had access to the storage locker where they were housed, police told the New Haven Register.