Crime & Punishment: UConn's New Logo Leads to Controversy

Wayne Winston has been in a four-year battle to wrestle leadership of the Bridgeport chapter of the NAACP, alleging financial improprieties on the part of its current president. Recently, he petitioned the state NAACP to take over the chapter. Coverage of this development in the Connecticut Post came to the attention of a state marshal who has been trying to track Winston down for alleged failure to pay child support to the mother of two of his kids. When the Bridgeport NAACP met recently at a city church, Winston got some good news and bad news. Good news: The state chapter was taking over the beleaguered Bridgeport group. The bad news: 15 minutes into the meeting, the marshal arrived to arrest him. Winston told the court his computer repair business earned little money. "Please don't insult this court," shot back Family Magistrate William Strata, who noted Winston had been ordered to pay the minimum, $20 a week. Winston was released from jail after paying the $1,992.62 he owed, plus a $340 bond.

James, a security guard who declined to give his last name to a reporter for the New Haven Independent, has always wanted to be a police officer and shows up to his gig at an Autozone in New Haven with his own baton, handcuffs, pepper spray and Glock. Recently, James witnessed a group jump a man and mug him outside the store. He chased the supposed perps and placed Ankoma Wells under "civilian detention." But Wells, 20, says he did not partake in the crime and turned the other way when he witnessed it. At 350 pounds, he says he wouldn't have the agility for it and suggested that, among those who were fleeing the scene, he was the only one slow enough for James to catch. (Sadly for him, the Independent article made five references to his weight.) Nonetheless, Wells was arrested. "It was crazy," he said. "I was in this big cell with a bunch of criminals talking about how they shot people." Days later, the charges were dropped.

UConn recently ditched its logo of a cute husky with its tongue out for a fiercer-looking dog staring straight ahead. Reaction was mostly negative but student Carolyn Luby went one step further and said "As a woman student living at this campus I am outright offended." In an open letter to the school's president, published on the website The Feminist Wire, Luby implied the image promoted violence against women. She recounted three recent arrests of male student athletes, two of which involved alleged spats with a girlfriend, and rebuked the school for taking on an image that "look[s] straight through you" intending to make you "feel powerless."

"I eat more chicken than any man ever seen," bragged Howlin' Wolf on the blues classic "Back Door Man." The Wolf probably doesn't have anything on Boris Delisser, who is accused of ransacking merchandize from his employer, County Distributors, a meat wholesaler in South Windsor. Police told the Associated Press that Delisser, 43, stole about $10,000 worth of meat, mostly chicken wings, from the company in his time there.

Alfonse Colombo of New Haven was apparently sitting around in a drunken stupor, watching a very loud TV, when his twin sons asked him to turn down the volume. Colombo, 66, allegedly threatened to "put a hole" in them. When one of the 27-year-old sons approached the TV, Colombo sprang into action, pulling out a knife and cutting him across his fingers, police told WTNH. The other son was allegedly stabbed through the hand when he tried to intercede.

Motorist Robert Tupper allegedly struck two teenagers crossing an intersection in Manchester, causing serious injuries, reports NBC Connecticut. Tupper, 55, then reportedly turned around and "showed us his middle finger and started laughing and took off [again]," according to a bystander who came to the teens' aid. Police say Tupper, who faces a host of charges, was sober at the time.

Marco Gonzalez allegedly entered a CVS in Middletown and stuffed 102 bottles of nail polish down his sweatshirt, reports Fox 61. Employees called police and Gonzalez, 42, reportedly admitted he had shoplifted the items (because it would be difficult to otherwise explain $866 worth of nail polish down one's shirt).

Someone noticed that the back door of a long-abandoned property in Newtown was strangely open. Police found more than 200 gallon jugs of what turned out to be urine in the house's interior, reports the Newtown Bee. The town's health inspector said the find was "very mysterious."

Albert Patino was allegedly spotted "playing with himself," in the interesting terminology of the Trumbull Patch website, in the Lord & Taylor in the Westfield Trumbull Mall. Patino, 41, then reportedly wiped his hands on several items of clothing before fleeing the store.