Lynzey Gaudet

Lynzey Gaudet of Us Restaurant & Lounge in Middletown. (Melissa Byron photo / April 25, 2013)

Lynzey Gaudet
Found at: Us Restaurant & Lounge (Middletown)


What cocktails are you making for spring?

Our recipes are based around rum. We are doing our version of a mint julep with rum instead of bourbon. I make a delicious Dark and Stormy with Appleton's VX five-year rum, fresh ginger, ginger beer and Gosling's rum as the floater. The most springy and the most ordered drink here is the Reggae Rum Punch. The presentation is there because we put fresh pineapple, limes and orange slices. It goes down easy, too.

Tell me about your rum selection.

We are a rum bar. We have an extensive and unique selection of rums, which makes us different from other bars. We carry 19 different rums from Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Barbados and Puerto Rico. Rum is a very understated alcohol, when with friends, when relaxing it's perfect.

What's the best night to come to your bar?

Saturday nights, we have a lot of jazz events here. After dinner, things get kicked up a notch. We have two floors, with a bar on each floor. The bands play upstairs but because it's such an open space you can hear them downstairs.

What does your dream bar look like?

I've been bartending for 30 years, and lately I've been dreaming of owning my own bar. I would do a small, intimate bar with a relaxing feel and a very simple concept. I would emphasize local beer.