Crime & Punishment: Turning Guns Into Jewelry

Peter Thum (photo courtesy

Peter Thum is a New York City-based social entrepreneur whose humanitarian ventures include Ethos, the bottled water brand that is sold in Starbucks and funds clean water projects in South Africa. Though he is a man of peace and social consciousness, there is one person with whom Thum cannot come to a mutual understanding: Jessica Mindich of Greenwich. Thum has filed a lawsuit claiming that Mindich, a jeweler, stole the idea for her line of jewelry made from the melted-down metal of guns purchased at gun buybacks, from his company, Fonderie 47, which buys guns from conflict zones and also uses them to create artisan jewelry, reports the Associated Press. Mindich started the Caliber Collection in January of 2012, and heard nothing from Thum until several news outlets featured her in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and she gained Snoop Dogg as a celebrity spokesperson. Thum says all potential proceeds from suing the pants off his rival will go to anti-gun violence efforts.

Joseph Stravinskas was arrested for allegedly pointing a pellet gun in a threatening way as President Obama's motorcade traveled through Bloomfield en route to the University of Hartford where Obama advocated for post-Sandy Hook gun regulations, but an attorney for the 27-year-old says the whole thing is "a big misunderstanding." According to his lawyer, Stravinskas and some buddies were playing video games when he got the urge to practice his aim by shooting at tin cans in the backyard. Meanwhile, police were securing the area for the president's motorcade and heard rustling in the woods. They found the unlucky, apparently news-deprived Stravinskas and his pellet gun. He was charged with threatening, breach of peace, and police interference, reports WTNH, though his attorney insists, "The president wasn't even in the area."

A New Haven woman has made eight calls to the police department and in every instance no crime had been committed, police told the New Haven Register. Police say 27-year-old Llynn Ferguson once called to report someone chasing her but later said she had just wanted an officer to escort her home. Twice, she reportedly could not remember why she called but then said she felt lonely. In another instance, her alleged false reporting caused a bus to be stopped and its passengers detained. Most recently, she allegedly called to report a robbery at a gas station, leading five officers (including the on-duty SWAT officer) to respond but there was no robber, only Ferguson and two confused employees.

A Woodbridge animal control officer faces animal cruelty charges after she allegedly slammed a dog against a wall in an attempt to get it into a doggie sweater, reports the Register. A kennel keeper says she was struggling to get the garment on a "high-strung" terrier when Officer Karen Lombardi interceded. "I'll show you how to do that," Lombardi, 59, said, before banging the dog against the wall and declaring, "You hold still or I'll smash your [expletive] skull in," according to the kennel keeper and a fellow animal control officer who allegedly witnessed the event. (No word on whether or not the dog ever put on the damn sweater.)

A cell phone video taken on a public bus in Hartford shows a woman with a baby on her lap in a screaming match with another passenger. "Someone grab my baby! I will beat the shit out of you on this bus, little girl!" she yells. After no one volunteers, the woman tosses the child to the nearest passenger and charges her adversary for a fist fight. The driver stopped and the woman grabbed her kid and exited the bus. Though police stopped by her home, she has not been charged (or as of yet identified), reports NBC Connecticut.

While walking through the parking lot of the Staples in Middletown, a man allegedly caught a glimpse of William A. Anderson sitting in his car with his legs propped up on the dashboard and a blanket over his lap. The onlooker was "positive he was masturbating," reports the Middletown Patch website. A responding police officer says Anderson, 55, told him to "go away" and refused to exit the car until he was threatened by a police dog.

The Boys and Girls Club exists to play a positive role in the lives of at-risk youth. Not getting the memo was a trio of teenagers who allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint to get money to pay for entrance to a dance at the nonprofit's Stamford outpost. Police were able to catch the three by matching their appearances on a surveillance video to pictures of local teens on a social networking site, reports the Stamford Advocate.

Danbury Police Officer Daniel Sellner was suspended without pay for five days due to an incident in which he allegedly made a crude remark about a cupcake while on security duty at a primary school. The police chief "declined to detail Sellner's exact remark" to the Danbury News-Times but said a teacher offered him a cupcake and he referred to the similarity between it and a woman's breast.