Crime & Punishment: Crossdressing at the Senior Prom

As a gag, senior Cameron Engle e-mailed the principal of the Morgan School, Clinton's public high school, to ask if he could wear a pink long-sleeve gown to prom (apparently modeling his look after Pinky, a character from the cartoon show "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"). This instigated a meeting with school administrators, in which Cameron explained he was "doing it for the fun of it," he told WFSB. As the principal considers the request, a petition, entitled "The Morgan School: Allow Crossdressing at Senior Prom," is gathering signatures on Its creator has made this an issue of LGBT rights ("transgenders and crossdressers have rights too," she wrote, "we're all human, despite how we want to dress"), much to Cameron's confusion. "Now everyone is taking it serious," he said. "Freedom of rights or whatever... I sparked a revolution I'm not even part of." He now says he may skip prom to play video games with friends, but will definitely wear the pink dress that night.

Several law enforcement agencies were able to trace a Picasso etching stolen from a Stamford home to an out-of-work actor with a talent for art brokering, reports the Stamford Advocate. The owner discovered the etching, worth $25,000, was missing when he assessed post-Sandy damage to his home. Police were without leads until his brother spotted the Picasso at a Manhattan art gallery. They traced it back to an auction house, which had gotten it from another Manhattan gallery, which had bought it from an art dealer who said he had purchased it from Terrence Riggins, an actor who had bit parts on "Law and Order," "Seinfield" and "MacGyver." The dealer often worked with Riggins, 48, and said he had a talent for spotting valuables at flea markets and antique shops. Riggins was apparently friends with the Stamford man's wife and had been at their home to discuss art. He is now homeless and apparently has drug issues.

William Novotny of Stratford was horrified when his family's yellow lab, Bella, went missing from their parked car as his wife shopped at the Home Depot in Derby. He launched a social media campaign to find the dog, impelled by the fact she has a liver condition and needs medication. His Facebook page "Bring Bella Home" was shared thousands of times. Weeks later, Novotny told the Valley Independent Sentinel news website that his wife had fabricated the Home Depot story and secretly put Bella up for adoption via Craigslist. They had recently downgraded from a house to a condo, and his wife developed health problems and felt the family could no longer care for the dog, though she knew he would never agree to get rid of her. Novotny paid the new family $750 for the return of the dog.

Hell Hath No Fury...: On the night she was dumped, a 17-year-old Fairfield woman allegedly went on a rampage, causing $1,500 in damage to her one-time boyfriend's parents' house. Police told the Fairfield Citizen she wrecked windows, screens and a staircase banister and kicked holes into sheetrock walls in her debut as a crazy ex. Also, after an argument with her boyfriend, 36-year-old Christie Martinez-Bennett of New Britain allegedly piled his clothes on the bed and lit them on fire, reports the New Britain Herald. (No one was injured.)

The Dependable Lift Truck Service of Milford apparently lent out a counterweight (the part of a forklift that counterbalances a load) to Richard Urbanowicz Jr., who was helping a Boy Scout troop build a catapult. Urbanowicz, 39, allegedly did not return the weight (valued at $6,000) when the Scouts were done tossing things, so, after a brief negotiation attempt, police arrested him on third-degree larceny charges, reports the New Haven Register.

PCP is a Helluva Drug: After smoking a PCP-laced cigarette, Antonio Sanabria was inspired to steal ten Easter baskets from a Hartford WalMart and attempt to sell them on a curb outside the store. Though he reportedly told a police officer, "I got seven kids and needed the baskets," Sanabria, 50, later admitted to a Hartford Courant reporter who caught up with him at his court appearance, "[The drug] made me lose my mind."

Two men face DUI charges after one of them backed into a Taco Bell in Middletown late one recent night. Police were not certain which one was driving at the time because of reports that Thomas Grzybowski and Christopher Brandimarte switched seats soon afterwards. It was futile because both allegedly failed sobriety tests and only served to get both of them charged, reports the Middletown Press.

Robert Mero allegedly tried to burglarize a New Haven home while drunk and wound up cutting himself on broken glass and passing out in a closet, reports WTNH. The homeowner came home and saw his kitchen window broken and a trail of blood leading upstairs. Police apparently found Mero, 52, in the closet and he admitted to the break-in (presumably because of a lack of other options).

A Middletown man called police on his live-in girlfriend after she allegedly tried to wake him, after he had slept through his alarm clock, by punching him in the genitals. The 31-year-old woman claimed she had merely tapped his junk with an open palm. Police charged her with breach of peace and demanded she stay away from him for a few days, reports the Middletown Patch website.

Mark Foreman allegedly texted his girlfriend, who works at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Manchester, to inform her the nearby Friendly's had been robbed and the robbers were still in the building. She called police, who evacuated the Friendly's and set up a perimeter only to find that Foreman, 21, had been pulling an April Fools joke, reports WFSB.