Crime & Punishment: My Husband is a Fugitive, But I Love Him

Frank Warecke was a girls basketball coach at Abbott Tech High School in Danbury when, in 2003, he was arrested and eventually convicted on charges of having sex with a student. After serving two years in prison, Warecke relocated to Bethany and got married, reports the Danbury News-Times. Things took a plunge when, against the terms of his probation, he began coaching his stepson's youth baseball team. A parent contacted the law and Warecke allegedly lied to his probation officer about the coaching. He then cut off his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and ran. He and his wife kept a low profile until last Monday when they appeared on a segment of "Dr. Phil" entitled "My Husband is a Fugitive, but I Love Him." Warecke, who still claims to be innocent of the original crime, told the talk show host, "I'm never going to turn myself in, never." He didn't have to; a few days later, police caught up with him in Upstate New York.

New Britain Mayor Tim O'Brien is proposing a fee on landlords whose properties rack up 10 or more emergency calls in a year. A few property owners have launched an over-the-top campaign against O'Brien, which has included telling residents (incorrectly) they would be fined $500 for calling 911 and bussing them to City Council meetings. Recently, someone set up a vitriolic website,, that accuses O'Brien of "corruption, communism and a single-digit IQ" and advertises a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest or that of his chief of staff. The Hartford Courant reports O'Brien filed a complaint with the state elections commission because the site is entirely anonymous. (Listed on its "contact us" section is "Benjamin Dover." Get it? Ben Dover.)

A New Haven man is being hailed as an idiot after he, according to a police account, needlessly interceded during a routine traffic stop and nearly got into a shoot-out with cops. After police stopped a man for playing very loud music on his car stereo (eventually letting him go with a warning), Miguel Gonzalez allegedly approached the scene and asked the driver, "You ok?" and "Yo, you good?" He refused to leave and the incident escalated until Gonzalez, 24, reached into his pocket for what turned out to be revolver and an officer threatened him with a Taser, police told the New Haven Register. During booking, several rocks of crack cocaine allegedly fell out of Gonzalez's pocket

The NRA is blanketing Connecticut with mailers and robo calls to rile up opposition to new gun control measures but they did not have the decency to exclude Newtown, where shell-shocked residents are still carefully regulating the coverage of gun-related issues — to shield their kids and sometimes themselves. "I've got a 5-year-old son who went to preschool on the Sandy Hook Elementary School campus," Christopher Wenis told the Huffington Post, adding, "These calls were the very last thing I needed."

A New Britain Superior Court ruled that Thomas Cistulli, who has been arrested multiple times for allegedly assaulting the mother of his unborn child, will be allowed to watch her give birth, reports the Hartford Courant. Judge Hope Seeley amended a restraining order to allow Cistulli, 33, to witness the delivery and be in the presence of the mother and newborn for three hours after. Said the prosecutor, "I just find it odd that he cares now."

Two suspects with a stolen car in their driveway were hanging out in a New Haven apartment. An officer made contact with the two and told them to come out or he'd send in a police dog. Because no canine was actually there, an officer in the backyard began making barking noises, reports the New Haven Register. It worked; the two men, later identified as Kwame Wells-Jordan and Norman Boone, surrendered.

Geoffrey Weglarz allegedly flew off the handle after his order at a Fairfield McDonalds "was not made the way he wanted," reports WFSB (making us wonder what a "bad" McDonalds meal looks like). After getting his food, Weglarz, 55, reportedly circled back into the drive-thru, banged on its doors and then tossed his order at the pregnant manager before speeding off in his BMW. Scarily, Weglarz had a loaded Glock at the time.

In similar news, while getting a late-night meal at the Athena Diner in Fairfield, a drunk Rahul Taylor got into an argument with his dining companion and startled everyone in the establishment by placing his loaded .45-caliber pistol on the table, police told the Fairfield Citizen. When officers arrived, Taylor, 29, denied a few times he had a gun but when they asked him to stand, it was visible in his waistband, say police.

After Lynn Sclafani allegedly caused a disturbance at a Westport pharmacy, police had a look at her home and found that Sclafani, 50, was apparently a thief with superhuman strength and an affinity for landscaping. Police told the Westport News they recovered concrete planters, lawn figurines and a marble fountain stolen from an antiques store, as well as benches missing from around town. The total haul was valued at over $12,000.