The owner of a Manchester Sunoco was busted for selling the synthetic marijuana K2. (November 6, 2009)

The election for president of UConn' Undergraduate Student Government was marked by a surprising amount of scandal and political intrigue. Shiv Gandhi bested Edward Courchaine by 340 votes. Then Courchaine filed a complaint accusing Gandhi of violating school election laws, reports The Daily Campus. Gandhi had made a speech at a campus fashion show, even though campaigning at events funded by the USG is prohibited. Gandhi shot back that he didn't know the show was a USG event because the USG's comptroller — who happens to be his opponent, Courchaine — "conveniently did not put it on the website." Courchaine laid on a few other allegations; he also accused a student government candidate aligned with Gandhi of calling out to passersby in the student union (another no-no). The USG's judiciary board voted to void the election and grant Courchaine the presidency. Then the USG at large voted to overturn that decision. And then the current president vetoed that measure, handing the seat again to Courchaine.

You Suck at Multiculturalism: Last Passover, Stop & Shop offered customers free shank bones, the traditional centerpiece of a Seder. One problem: the skanks were pork, a meat strongly prohibited from kosher diets especially at Passover, when any trace of non-kosher food in a kitchen can render a whole meal verkackte. Rabbi Daniel Greer of the Yeshiva of New Haven was shocked to find the pork shanks amidst kosher items and led the charge to have them moved to a different aisle. Greer recently told the New Haven Independent news website that this year he once again saw free pig meat in the kosher section of a Stop & Shop in New Haven. He called it "a sacrilege" (a term that literally fits) and said "Stop & Shop is misleading, angering and irritating its Jewish customers."

Police were called to the scene of Bridgeport's St. Patrick's Day Parade due to a report of two men in kilts fighting each other, according to the Connecticut Post. One of the skirted men turned out to be Robert Curwen Jr., the 36-year-old son of City Councilman Robert Curwen, a fact he apparently wanted officers to know. "My father is Bob Curwen," he said, according to the police report. "I'm calling the mayor and you're going to be gone." As undaunted police roped in Curwen, his wife arrived but did not defend him. Instead, she reportedly told him, "Shut up, you [expletive]; you do this every year!"

James Edwards allegedly punched his pregnant girlfriend in the head because she did not pick him up from the train station when he expected. When the Norwalk woman cut off contact with him, Edwards, 40, allegedly called her cell phone 134 times in a span of seven hours. She filed a complaint at police headquarters, where her phone continued to buzz, police told The Hour. An officer picked up and told Edwards to stop calling. A few minutes later, he allegedly called from a blocked number and threatened to kill her. "James, you are not too smart," the officer on the other end told him.

A Norwalk Superior Court found freelance journalist Teri Buhl guilty of second-degree harassment and breach of peace for posting entries of her boyfriend's teenage daughter's diary on Facebook. Buhl, 40, has said she uploaded the pages, which describe sex and drinking, hoping those who see it could help her piece together information for a story on underage drinking parties among the scions of Fairfield County's moneyed elite. But prosecutors argued her only purpose was to damage the girl, reports the Stamford Advocate.

God intervened to ensure the quick arrest of two brothers who allegedly burglarized a Bristol church. Police say Charles and Christopher Milano forced their way into Prospect United Methodist Church and scooped up a laptop, digital camera and cash before Pastor Bob Sorozan shooed them away and called for help. Oh so coincidentally, more than 10 police officers were in the area canvassing for a missing Alzheimer's patient and caught up with the two after a brief foot chase, reports WTNH. Nicely played, Lord.

Until it was outlawed last year, the synthetic marijuana K2 was a cheap high you could get at a convenience store. Rehan Abro, the 44-year-old manager of a Sunoco in Manchester, apparently refused to stop the party and was illegally selling his leftover K2. He allegedly hid the packets in a lottery ticket machine, reports NBC Connecticut (which made the obligatory pun that cops raiding his business "hit the jackpot").

A lawyer says he might sue Ansonia because he lost his balance and fell while exiting City Hall. The Valley Independent Sentinel news website reports that attorney Steven Kulas claims he "was caused to fall by the uneven and depressed surface of the steps" and has since suffered from "left knee pain," "bruises to his sternum and ribs" and "severe shock to the nervous system."

PCP is a Helluva Drug: Five friends meeting in New Britain's Walnut Hill Park to smoke PCP-laced marijuana called attention to their illicit shindig when one of them, 30-year-old Benjamin Nieves, tore his clothes off (as PCP tends to make people do) and ran through the park, police told the Hartford Courant.

Joshua J. Meehl apparently slammed his car into an emergency phone at Wesleyan University and nervously drove away but police quickly tracked him down because he had left his bumper and license plate at the scene, reports the Middletown Patch website.