'Some Concerns About the Candidate'

'Some Concerns About the Candidate' (2013 (detail). Mixed media on paper. Courtesy the artist and Western Exhibitions, Chicago / February 4, 2013)

Chicago artist Deb Sokolow apparently didn't get enough of that whole "election" thing a few months ago. Some Concerns About the Candidate, Sokolow's new MATRIX exhibit at the Wadsworth, tells the story of a fictional congress wannabee — named Jim Jones, nicely, and based on the People's Temple cult leader — filtered through the handwritten journal entries of a campaign worker, who becomes increasingly concerned with his unorthodox vote-winning tactics. But hey, politics and humor go well together, and both seem right at home in a MATRIX exhibit. Head to the opening at the museum's First Thursday event, where Sokolow will give a gallery talk at 6 p.m., Mikata will do their world-music thing and Joe Young will draw some cartoons. (Sounds oddly similar to my actual election night.)


Deb Sokolow / MATRIX 166: Some Concerns About the Candidate

opens Feb. 7, 5-8 p.m. at First Thursday, $5, ends June 30, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, 600 Main St., Hartford, wadsworthatheneum.org.