It looks like some of Connecticut's food service workers won't have to choose between staying home when they are sick and losing a day of pay. Last week the state Senate passed a bill requiring companies with over 50 employees to offer a week of paid sick time to full-time workers. The House is expected to pass the bill and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has said he'd sign it into law. If passed, Connecticut would be the first state to offer such protection to its low-wage workforce, though San Francisco and Washington, D.C., have similar ordinances. The bill was originally intended to affect all businesses employing more than 50 workers, but was amended in the Senate to just include workers in food service, child care and health care. The main opposition to the bill comes from a powerful lobbying group called Connecticut Business & Industry Association. It says the law will make doing business too expensive. During public hearings in February, nearly 100 businesses — mostly manufacturers that would not be affected by the new law — submitted written testimony to urge the lawmakers not to pass the legislation. Lawyers lobbying on behalf of Applebee's, the restaurant, suggested legislation would encumber the “benefit” of “flexible” hours. The law would keep in place informal shift swaps that are common in the restaurant business, but would mandate large restaurants and chains to give workers an out if they can't get someone to cover for them. Here is a list of restaurants that lobbied against paid sick days.

Chili's Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill Laurel View Country Club (Hamden) Eli's on Whitney (Hamden) Eli's Brick Oven Pizza Market (Hamden) Eli's on the Hill (Branford) SBC Restaurant and Brewery (Branford, Stamford, Southport, Hamden, Milford) Carvel (Waterbury) USS Chowder Pot Restaurants San Marino Restaurant (Waterbury) New Castle Hotels and Resorts Wood-n-Tap (Hartford, Rocky Hill, Southington, Orange, Vernon) Agave Grill (Downtown Hartford) TD Homers Grill (Southington) Highland Park Market (Manchester) Backstage (Torrington)