Modern Apizza:  William Pustari, aka Billy Modern

Modern Apizza: William Pustari, aka Billy Modern

1st) Modern Apizza

"This is surely the most controversial category in our annual readers' poll — unless you live at my house. Then the question isn't, ""Where's the best pizza in New Haven?"" It's, ""Modern Apizza, how do you do it?"" ""Great help,"" says Bill Pustari, Modern's owner, ""great ingredients. Couldn't do it without either of them. All my pizza guys have been with us for 20 years — they're all family guys, part of the community and I think that makes a huge difference. You have consistency."" ""Know where the locals go"" is one of Modern's mottos, Pustari says. ""We don't get the tourists as much as the other sites in New Haven,"" but ""you don't find the best Italian restaurants on Mulberry Street"" in Manhattan either. Despite the name, Pustari says, nothing has changed at Modern since 1934 — ""same dough recipes, same cheese"" — although some of the ingredients have actually improved, gotten fresher, in keeping with the buy-local attitude of the contemporary foodie. ""The tomatoes are locally farmed, the basil I only buy from small-time distributors. I don't buy from huge conglomerates across the country. Whoever I buy it from, there's a face attached to it."" Asked for his own favorite pie, Pustari literally doesn't blink. I've barely got the question out before he answers, ""Italian Bomb."" The sinful Italian Bomb! Pepperoni, sausage and bacon, all on a single pie. Can't say I blame him."

874 State St.
New Haven
(203) 776-5306


2nd) Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

157 Wooster St.
New Haven
(203) 865-5762

1 Mohegan Sun Blvd.
(860) 862-8888

3rd) Sally's Apizza

237 Wooster St.
New Haven
(203) 624-5271