In the year 2057 a spacecraft sets off from Earth with a mission to revive the dying sun. Things get complicated when the crew picks up a distress signal from a previous ship, assumed to be lost in space.

Big question: Can “Trainspotting” director Danny Boyle’s venture in to sci-fi live up to his successful attempts at horror (“28 Days Later”) and family-friendly (“Millions”) films?

Catch it: It turns out Boyle’s assured visual style (and fondness for electronic musical scores) makes him a perfect fit for the genre. High on suspense, but refreshingly absent of overblown “Armageddon”-style flash, this is classic smart science fiction that fascinates even when its characters simply…talk. Frequent Boyle collaborator Alex Garland’s script is full of intriguing twists and Cillian Murphy (“28 Days Later”), Chris Evans (“Fantastic Four”) and Cliff Curtis (“Whale Rider”) are standouts among a strong cast.

Skip it: A misguided diversion into standard sci-fi horror mars the film’s second half and will leave some viewers disappointed, but the trippy climax restores the artistic balance.

Bottom line: This must for sci-fi fans gives the genre a good name.

Bonus: Here’s a fun fact shared by one of the film’s scientists: 80% of all dust is human skin. Yes, it’s really time to get out the vacuum cleaner.