Oct. 12

2/3 cover centerpiece: tc-home-black-1012-1018 (TRIB) black walls are the latest trend, QA with House Beautiful editor Stephen Drucker, tips from Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan on how to DIY black

3x6 cover: sub LAT twist table from Design Stockholm

½ page: tc-home-goods-bnw-1012-1019 cool stuff for home in black and white (TRIB)

1/4 page: tc-home-faker-organized-1012-0913 (TRIB)

1/2 page: tc-fash-80s-hair-1012-1004: LAT. Teases, crimps and the dreaded mullet are rising up like "Thriller" zombies.

1/4 page: tc-fash-internet-1012-1011. LAT. How bloggers and others have become new trend setters.

¼ page: tc-home-conway-1012-1018 Appreciating vines. Sean Conway/Cultivating Life.


¼ page: tc-home-mattress-1012-1011 (TRIB) get ready for an aromatherapy mattress – mattress trends are going wild. Here's what's out there, and what you really need to know about buying one.

¼ page: tc-home-family-chair-1012-1018 (TRIB)award-winning chair collection, and the idea of the "family chair" or dining chair that can withstand kids

2/3 page , tc-decorative-millwork-1009-1012: When you want your interior decor to pop, try a little decorative millwork. A distinctive four-inch baseboard, multilayer crown molding or an ornate ceiling medallion can make heads turn. ALLISON BEATTY, Special to Tribune Newspapers

¼ page: tc-furnace-heat-1009-1012: Simple steps to make your furnace generate more heat. MIKE MCCLINTOCK, Special to Tribune Newspapers

Oct. 19

2/3 cover centerpiece: tc-home-brunken-1019-1025 the home of decorator Mae Brunken, made famous as the house in "Double Indemnity" nods to Hollywood glamour, Deco style, and Brunken's own eclectic taste (LAT)

Bonus 2/3 page: tc-home-towels-1019-1008: Trib. With towels, do you get what you pay for? Ellen Warren.

3x6 cover: tc-home-vanity-1019-1026 (TRIB) self-cleaning (new dirt-repellent finish) vanity & more for the bath

½ page: tc-home-goods-(FASHION)-1019-1026

1/4 page: tc-home-faker-flowers-1019-1011 (TRIB) fake great floral arrangements with stuff from the grocery store & beyond