Dr. Craig Haytmanek performs a dissection with some students at the Medical Academy Charter School in Catasauqua on Friday, September 27, 2013.

There were disciplinary problems, Hughes said: "You will find that at any high school."

Until May, classrooms at the Medical Academy Charter School weren't equipped with phones, the letter said. Teachers were given air horns and instructed to sound them to summon help.

In May, a fight broke out among multiple students in the cafeteria. Two employees tried to call 911 from a nurse's office phone. The phone, the letter says, didn't work.

School canceled again

On Sept. 6, the Medical Academy Charter School canceled classes. The message on Konrath's voicemail cited Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, as the reason for the cancellation.

Last week, Konrath met with Hughes at the school. He said she told him classes were canceled Sept. 6, because Medical Academy had enrolled so many new students it wasn't equipped to handle the influx.

Hughes confirmed that explanation Friday, saying it was a combination of the two.

On the way out of Hughes' office, Konrath said, he saw students in the hallway involved in a profanity-laced argument.

Now Megan is enrolled in a different charter school, Lehigh Valley Academy. At least two of Megan's classmates from Medical Academy Charter School opted to go with her.

While Konrath said the small-school environment had been good for his daughter, he considers her year at the school a waste.

"Once she went back this year, I thought a lot of things are going to be different, and they weren't," Konrath said. "I wasted one year, I can't waste any more."