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Mega Millions Lottery

Did lottery quick-pick winner change your 'lucky' system?

Did lottery quick-pick winner change your 'lucky' system?

If you play the lottery, do you always use the same "lucky" numbers, such as loved ones' birthdays, anniversary dates and other sentimental figures? Or do you cast your fate into the "quick pick" waters by allowing a computer to fish out your numbers? Eric Knorr, of Crown Point, hit the Hoosier Lotto jackpot July 11 after buying a quick-pick ticket at Strack & Van Til in his city. He initially visited the store to buy a Mega Millions ticket but changed his mind to instead purchase a Hoosier Lotto ticket. Why? We may never know. He may never know either. For whatever reason, this was a life-changing departure from his usual lottery purchase habit, he told...