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Denise Whiting

Honfest 2015 is celebrated this weekend in Hampden

Honfest 2015 is celebrated this weekend in Hampden

What does it take to build 150 beehive hairdos in a single weekend? Fourteen pounds of bobby pins, a case of professional-grade Sebastian Shaper hair spray and six rectangular mirrors topped by pink flamingos. It takes a house band in which the singer doubles as a hairstylist, one zebra-print sectional sofa, a line of Hon-wannabes clutching $20 bills, one generator, two floor fans and — most critically — a cooler full of beer. "Around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the beehives start to lean over to one side like the Leaning Tower of Pisa," says Sue Ebert, who has been presiding over the Glamour Lab at Honfest for the past 21 years. "I tell them that if...