Mike D'Antoni, Kobe Bryant

By the end of the Lakers' woeful season, few people had Coach Mike D'Antoni's back, least of all Kobe Bryant, who began his vacation early. (Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty Images / December 10, 2013)

Why is L.A. so upset with Mike D'Antoni and Lakers management? We all knew this was a patchwork team that had no chance of actually winning anything this year. Myopic Lakers fans should cheer D'Antoni for not bailing on this squad, and praise Pau Gasol for soldiering on amid trade rumors all season.

Lakers fans have no idea how good they have it, and should take their medicine with some class when the wheels fall off with some class.

Alex Arko

Los Angeles


It's not what D'Antoni did this year, it's what he didn't do last year....

Brian Haueter



As we think about how Mike D'Antoni used Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman, one wonders whether D'Antoni would have stationed Kareem and Shaq near the free throw line had they been on the Lakers' roster this season.

Richard Raffalow

Valley Glen


The NBA lottery system is entirely flawed. When Lakers fans get upset when they win a game because it makes it less likely that the Lakers get the first pick in the draft, that's a problem.

Geoff Skurnik

Laguna Niguel


It's unfortunate that the face of the franchise has gone missing, basically since February, when he hung in there for the dismal Grammy trip and clearly couldn't take it anymore. But let's hear it for the guys who have shown up. With all the losses and embarrassments, this group has set itself apart when it comes to camaraderie and pulling for one another. No whining, pointing fingers, or playing the blame game. Maybe they haven't accumulated Ws for the team, but their sportsmanship has done us proud.

Elyce Wakerman

Sherman Oaks