Don Mattingly

Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly has had his fair share of critics this postseason. (Chris Carlson / Associated Press / October 15, 2013)

I wanted to compliment The Times on its great coverage of the baseball playoffs and especially the NLCS preview. Other than the part where you picked the Dodgers to have an edge in every category (starting pitching, relief pitching, hitting, defense, bench) and the prediction of the Dodgers winning in six games, you really nailed it.

Scott Lorenz

La Cañada


It's sad when Dodgers fans turn off Game 6 of the NL Championship Series and switch to the Louisville- Central Florida football game. Maybe next year.

Richard Whorton

Studio City


I realize that Bill Plaschke is not a firm believer in Don Mattingly and certainly has the right to question his decisions, but do we really need to read his wild speculation about whether those decisions had an impact on players' mind-sets the next game? Saying that Mattingly's decision to pull Adrian Gonzalez for a pinch runner in Game 1 "perhaps led to several distracted plate appearances Saturday by a team whose mind seemed elsewhere" seems like a bit of a stretch and a desperate attempt to try and overplay a decision that may have backfired the prior night.

Darren McMahon

Santa Clarita


The leaked information before Game 4 that Don Mattingly would be retained next season as the Dodgers' manager came just in time to avoid shoving Zack Greinke onto the mound to pitch on three' days rest. Had the information not have surfaced, Mattingly may have started Greinke in a desperate move to save the season and perhaps his job, much the way Mike D'Antoni ran Kobe into the ground in last-ditch efforts to make the playoffs and perhaps save his own position.

Jerry Leibowitz

Culver City


After watching the Cardinals play and execute fundamental baseball, it's time to ask Manager Mattingly why he refuses to do so. One might ask, "Why bunt a runner to scoring position when it's easier to hit into a double play and kill the opportunity to score a run?"

Neil Buchalter

Los Angeles