Letters: Dodgers make quite a splash

The Dodgers' celebrating by jumping in the Diamondbacks' pool was insulting and tacky. I loved every minute of it!

Paul Zimmelman

Marina del Rey


I waited all year for the Dodgers to retaliate for the Diamondbacks hitting Yasiel Puig and Zack Greinke. Jumping in their pool after clinching the West did it 10 times over.

Vincent Martinez



Regarding the Diamondbacks' players and fans upset about Dodgers celebrating in their pool after clinching the division: You have a swimming pool in your ballpark. A swimming pool.

Bill Hokans

Santa Ana


There may not be crying in baseball, but apparently there's whining in Arizona. I was in Dodger Stadium in 2004 when the Cardinals eliminated the Dodgers from the playoffs. The Dodgers came back out on the field to congratulate the Cards. Now that's class.

David Weber

West Hollywood


With so much focus on the payroll, it should be remembered, talent wins pennants and World Series banners, not money. The Dodgers' payroll is not salutary or salvation nor is it a testament to what money can buy. It is a bitter reminder of 20 years of neglect.

This was a team that needed to rebuild top to bottom. A farm system that once routinely produced teams that won championships in each of their respective minor league divisions could do little to replenish a club so depleted by previous owners. It took a steep investment to produce a winner with no Garveys, Ceys or Buckners on the availability list.

The Dodgers fittingly won the division with a come-from-behind victory as they so often did as they climbed from the cellar to first place. This team when healthy has repeatedly shown it not only has talent, it has heart.

That's worth exponentially more than money can buy and a good foundation on which to start building for the future.