Urban Meyer puts Ohio State on cream puff diet, leaves bitter taste

Chris Dufresne takes time during the season to answer questions on college football. This week's topics include sham matchups, sham rulings and strange stats.

Unbuckling the mailbag:

Question: I hope you and the media start a campaign to stop the NCAA scheduling these massacre football games. It is a scam, a sham and a shame. . . . Urban Meyer has the guts leading, 55-0, to go for it on fourth and six? He should be suspended for a game for that humiliation.

Bobby Herbeck

Answer: I'll start the campaign about these silly "paycheck" games, but first things first: You owe the Ohio State coach a big apology.

Meyer did not — I repeat, did NOT — allow his team to "go for it" on fourth and six with the Buckeyes leading, 55-0, last week against Florida A&M.

Ohio State was up only 48-0 at the time, and it was fourth and five.

Kenny Guiton completed a 15-yard pass and that led to the touchdown that made it 55-0 just before the half.

Q: Your story on the Georgia Tech massacre of Cumberland College was interesting — 220-0 is an astounding score. How is it possible to score an average of 10 touchdowns a quarter?

Paul Hovsepian

A: And Bobby Herbeck thinks Meyer was piling on? One problem was that Cumberland did not come properly equipped or prepared to that 1916 game in Atlanta. According to the book "Heisman, the Man Behind the Trophy," Cumberland left campus in Tennessee and hoped to pick up some extra players when changing trains in Nashville. Instead, three players missed the connection. The Bulldogs arrived in Atlanta with only 15 players, 13 of which were Cumberland law students.

Then came a couple of bad breaks: Cumberland starting quarterback Charlie Edwards was knocked out trying to block on the opening kickoff.

Cumberland got the ball first and gained three yards on first down. It was the Bulldogs' longest gain of the day.

Every time Georgia Tech scored, Cumberland elected to kick the ball back to the Yellow Jackets, which was permitted under the rules.

Georgia Tech led, 63-0, after the first quarter and it sort of snowballed from there.

Q: Not sure whether you have participated in college athletics or just reported those events? But to characterize these programs as a pile-it-on would indicate that you have never performed in front of 100,000 people on a Saturday afternoon.

Ed Mascio

A: I did participate in college athletics but have to admit we never played in front of 100,000 in our intramural Ultimate Frisbee league.

Q: What's your coaching record?

Charles L. Freeman

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