Time for Johnny Manziel to sign in as a team leader

Manziel has gone from causing a stir to being a distraction. His actions are starting to bleed into the regular season.

Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin said Monday he was unaware of the autograph allegations until Sunday evening. Training camp has been thrown into tumult. The school has to decide whether to hold Manziel out of games pending the outcome of an NCAA investigation.

Until then? "We're gonna practice and go ahead as normal and be able to adjust to the facts," Sumlin said.

Except there is no such thing as "normal" anymore in College Station.

Manziel isn't required to be a role model for the public or any of us, but he will have to answer to the players and for the season he is hanging out to dry in the Texas heat.

As a third-year sophomore, Manziel can opt out for the pros after this season, but he certainly isn't exhibiting the kind of leadership the NFL looks for in a quarterback.

He is acting a lot more like Ryan Leaf than Andrew Luck.

It's a free country, so "Johnny Train Wreck" or "Johnny Hancock" can party all night, or season, long.

If he doesn't grow up, though, his best next football option might be in Canada.

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