2007-07-30 14:49:16.0 Administrator: The chat with Heidi Murkoff will start at 3pm.

2007-07-30 15:13:59.0 Administrator: Question from Tamara: how to beat the all-day sickness in the first tr-mester? my dr. wont see me till i'm 10wks. so i've stopped my pre-natals since no matter what i ty they make me vomit.

2007-07-30 15:14:45.0 Heidi Murkoff: Hi, Tamara -- congratulations, first of all! Sorry about the morning sickness -- and yes, whoever named it definitely never had it (I like your name better "all day sickness"). There are plenty of things you can try, including:*The Six Meal Solution. It seems counterintuitive, but actually, eating more often helps you feel less sick. Grazing on small (tiny) amounts of food all day long (and during the night, too, if you wake up to pee -- which I'm sure you're doing plenty) can keep your tummy a little full all the time.

2007-07-30 15:15:10.0 Heidi Murkoff: Ginger -- have you tried it? There are lots of ginger products available, from the ginger Preggo Pops, to crystallized ginger, to ginger sucking candies. Ginger tea can help, too.

2007-07-30 15:15:18.0 Heidi Murkoff: Sea bands -- or Relief Bands -- help some women, using accupressure on the inner wrist. Some other CAM (complementary and alternative) approaches help some women too -- meditation, acupuncture (check with your doctor's office for a recommendation).

2007-07-30 15:18:21.0 merritt08: Does the feeling that im going to do something wrong in my pregnancy ever go away?

2007-07-30 15:19:10.0 Heidi Murkoff: Hi, congratulations first of all. I'm not exactly sure what you're asking -- but I'll give it a shot anyway. I think you might be wondering about all the things you're expected to worry about/do/not do when you're expecting. I know it's sometimes overwhelming -- but try to keep it all in perspective. The odds of having a completely safe pregnancy and a completely healthy baby are overwhelmingly (overwhelmingly!!!) in your favor. And every little positive thing you do during the day -- and I'm sure you're doing a lot more than you even think -- makes those already incredibly excellent odds even better. Eating well. Getting good prenatal care. Taking good care of yourself. There are so many things to keep track of, I know -- but I'm sure you're doing a great job. If you have any specific concerns or questions, I'm here to answer them. In the meantime, just think positive -- happy baby thoughts!

2007-07-30 15:19:26.0 nikkimc05: i'm expecting my first baby and i am scared out of my mind

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2007-07-30 15:33:08.0 Administrator: Question from tamara: this is my 4th preg. and i have never felt like this...i'm eating like i did b4 (healthy) and cant even drive-i feel so quesy.

2007-07-30 15:33:20.0 Heidi Murkoff: Congratulations, first of all. Second of all, your dates could definitely be off -- this happens ALL THE TIME. So absolutely, everything could be just perfect -- and it could just be that you're a little less far along than you thought. Don't worry!

2007-07-30 15:33:50.0 Administrator: Question from shines: I went for my first prenatal check up today, I am 7weeks. The ultrasound showed a gestational sac that measured 4.5 weeks, is there still hope that everyting is okay??

2007-07-30 15:34:47.0 Heidi Murkoff: So sorry to hear that Tamara! You know, stress definitely compounds the queasiness -- so definitely try relaxing as much as you can. But if it's that bad -- by all means call and get a prescription/recommendation for a medication (that combo i mentioned, probably) from your doctor. You don't have to suffer this much! I hope you feel so much better (and as I'm sure you've already noticed -- every pregnancy, like every baby that follows, is different!)

2007-07-30 15:34:49.0 bubs0816: Does pitocin make contractions hurt worse?

2007-07-30 15:35:37.0 Administrator: Shan: Hi, my name is Shan and I am 24weeks pregnant. I wanted to know feel shortness of breath at this stage in my pregnancy

2007-07-30 15:36:01.0 Heidi Murkoff: Shortness of breath is completely normal in pregnancy -- most women experience it. A lot of it is triggered by hormones (what isn't???), and all that stretching that's going on. Also, as your uterus starts to grow, it begins to push up against your diaphragm, making it seem like it's harder to breath. As long as you're not feeling dizzy and weak (if so, check in with your practitioner -- it's also common to start being low on iron at this point in pregnancy, in which case an iron supplement could be just the ticket), take a deep breath (that is, if you can!) and relax. Just another of those crazy pregnancy symptoms.

2007-07-30 15:36:12.0 Administrator: amandae1807@aol.com: how will i know when my baby has an ear infection?

2007-07-30 15:36:20.0 Heidi Murkoff: Babies, unfortunately, can't tell you where it hurts when they're not feeling well. But a baby with an ear infection will likely be very, very fussy -- just not herself. She may pull at her ear (though babies who are teething might also do this), she may run a fever, she may have trouble feeding, and will probably do a lot of crying. The only way to tell is to check in with the pediatrician, which you should definitely do if you suspect an ear infection. I hope your baby feels better fast!

2007-07-30 15:36:54.0 Administrator: paddogrrrl: I was wondering if u knew how early we can practice sittibg up and standing up, my baby is 2 months and my Mom & Dad keep telling me his bones r to fragile - is that true?