Harold Reemus: Hi there all

Administrator2: Hi all, and welcome to the chat!

nomuskles: hello

Administrator2: Welcome Bill!

Bill Plaschke: hey everybody. thanks for hanging out

Administrator2: Chatters, feel free to submit your questions or comments now.

TaintMe: yello....

Bill Plaschke: 'yello, taint

Administrator2: We have quite a few questions waiting for Bill, so please bear with us...we'll get to as many as we can.

Harold Reemus: Bill, what do you think are the legitimate chances of the Dodgers: winning the West? Going Deep into the Playoffs?

Bill Plaschke: hey harold...I think dodgers will go as far as pitching takes them. if schmidt isn't sound, they won't win. if he is, or if they can replace him, they can win division. but i see them wiinning one playoff round at best

Steven: Bill, what do you think the Dodgers should do about their current situations at 3B and in the OF? Give the job to the youngsters or let Pierre and Nomar play themselves out of positions? LaRoche has huge OBP potential...

Bill Plaschke: because they're going with kemp and ethier, they should also go with laroche...garciaparra is more versatile off bench.

~JaSoN aKa RoMeO~: "Hey bill....How far do you think *THE LAKERS* are gonna go this year"?

Bill Plaschke: lakers will get to conference finals vs. san antonio. But I just don't see them beating spurs

nomuskles: How do the Lakers integrate Ariza and Bynum back into the fold?

Bill Plaschke: ariza plays defense, easy to intergrate him. bynum might not be totally sound for rest of season ,so they'll go slow with him. but they're doing just fine without him right now

Harold Reemus: Thanks. One last question-- Are the McCourts good owners? Have they made a good impact on the city/team/ ?

Bill Plaschke: mccourts have done great things for dodger stadium, and continue to do good things. I'm interested to see the new concecession stuff this year. however, on the field, which is where they will ultimately judged, they have to win