Moderator1: Hi everybody, this is TIm Cavanaugh. We've got Jonah Goldberg for the hour.

Moderator1: Let's start off...

Eric Mankin: Mr. Goldberg why are you so offended by the Wilson (who was right about the Iraq WMD situation, and stuck his neck out to say so, now going around in something otehr than sackcloth and ashes?

David: Joe Wilson is a liar. The precious 9/11 commission said so.

Doug Brown: Your request for friendly visitors has been heard.

Jonah Goldberg: I'm offended by him because I think he's a blowhard and a liar -- in the words of the Wash Post's editors. Very little of what he claimed has survived close scrutiny, particularly for a guy who brags that much about how truthful he is.

Eric: If Joe Wilson was a liar, why did the President have to take back those 16 words?

cakewalk my ass: why do you oppose usama bin laden?

Jonah Goldberg: The White House clearly fouled up and made this whole situation worse by panicking. But the Butler Report and the senate intelligence report both backed up Bush and undermined Wilson.

Doug Barber: Who were some of your formative influences as an undergraduate at Goucher College, and how do they continue to shape your thinking today? I'm not so much thinking of Professors as I'm thinking of the writers/thinkers they introduced you to. Thanks.

David: The NR has it right . Politics has been criminalized. Sorry my speling sux.

Jonah Goldberg: Hmm. the biggest intellectual influence on me was my Dad. In terms of writers, I will confess to being a real New Republic and Commentary baby. I was reading those magazines in high school. Beyond my dad and the general political background radiation of my childhood, my biggest influences came after college.

Doug Barber: If Bonnie Prince Charlie is successful in outlawing McDonalds, will Couch's gravitational footprint be reduced?

Jonah Goldberg: I spent a lot of time at the American Enterprise instutue when i was just ut of college reading Irving Kristol, Michael Novak and that whole crowd.

Jonah Goldberg: My couch will never go to Europe. He's is very, very nativist and deeply suspeicious of continental ideas.

TyrantLimaBean: Why does NR's blog the Corner descend into sci-fi geekiness so often?

Jonah Goldberg: For those who don't understand, my Couch used to be a regular participant in my columns.

Bill: Why do folks on the far right have such a hard time seeing Sen. McCain as a conservative - but no qualms with Giuliani? Do you see this fading as time goes on?

Jonah Goldberg: Because we can.