The 42 men who've been president of the United States share many characteristics besides membership in one of the world's most exclusive clubs. That means, looking at them as a group, we can extract an "average president." The data can't predict who'll win the election, but they can tell us how the current candidates stack up against those who've come before.
Presidents: The answer to question 4 in the "Common Man" quiz in the Oct. 19 Sunday Opinion said that if Barack Obama were elected, he could be the first president with a living grandparent. John Kennedy's grandmother, Mary Hannon Fitzgerald, was in her late 90s during Kennedy's presidency, and she outlived the president, dying in August 1964. —

1. What's the average age at which a president is first inaugurated?

a. 45

b. 50

c. 55

d. 60

2. How tall is the average president?

a. 5 feet 8

b. 5 feet 10

c. 6 feet

d. 6 feet 2

3. On average, how many children does a president have?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 4

d. 6

4. How many presidents have been orphans when they took office?