Patt Morrison Asks: Spirit guide Kenny Kingston

Want to know how William and Kate's royal marriage will work out? Self-styled Psychic to the Stars Kenny Kingston says he knows.

Self-styled Psychic to the Stars Kenny Kingston. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

Self-styled Psychic to the Stars Kenny Kingston. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

Everybody knows that newlyweds William and Kate are in town this weekend. But Kenny Kingston says he knows how that royal marriage will work out. The self-styled Psychic to the Stars who has hosted lucrative infomercials, TV shows and hotlines says he consulted with the likes of Lucille Ball and John Wayne on this side of life, heard from Elvis and James Dean on the other side, and knows Marilyn Monroe from both sides -- she gave him the table and chairs where we sat and talked in his Studio City home. He learned his craft from his grandmother, his mother and his mother's friend, psychic devotee Mae West. And Los Angeles' wide embrace of every branch of spiritual endeavor made Kingston his own kind of celebrity. With collaborator Valerie Porter, he's still writing books and is about to launch an Internet radio show into a world, seen and unseen, that has changed substantially since he first offered it his psychic insights. I'll quote the usual fine print: It's for entertainment purposes.

How has your work changed over the years?

You know, sweet spirit … there are not the psychics that there used to be.

Why is that?

People want to be their own psychic[s] in a lot of ways. Two or three years ago I thought: I'm going to stop seeing people in person. Somehow the people themselves have changed. I'd give them a [spirit's] name and they'd say, "Never heard of 'em." I would say, "Maybe not, but at least welcome them." They'd say, "But I don't know 'em." Later on in the reading they'd say, "Oh my God, I know who that was. What did they say?" And I'd have to say, "I'm sorry, the spirit's gone somewhere else."

The world has changed so much. So many people take it too seriously, or they don't take it seriously enough.

From the moment you walked in, a woman walked in with you. She was standing beside you and she'll be back; I know she'll be back. I don't know whether it's an older woman or someone you lost in your heart … would you know who that was?

[I shrug and shake my head.]

Think, and you might pick up the vibration of this woman. Just think as we're sitting here.

What's the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A medium [initiates] contact with those on the other side, and a psychic tells you whatever they're told by a spirit. There's no comparison, none at all.

Do you do astrology?

I don't know anything about astrology. I read my horoscope. I don't take it seriously unless it's good!

What did you think about the federal actions against the psychic infomercial operation represented by "Miss Cleo."

I don't mean to be unkind about this, but there are so many bad apples still roaming. Truthfully speaking, I never paid any attention to [Miss Cleo].

I must know about your encounters with President Truman.

When I got out of the Army, I was living in San Francisco, and [Fairmont hotelier] Benjamin Swig called and said, "Kenny, can you do me a favor? Truman would like to see you about a few things."

What did he want?

[It was about] if he was going to be reelected. I read more for Truman every time he came to the Fairmont. Things I don't remember, and if I did, I couldn't divulge.

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