Here are the results of elections around the nation Tuesday. Not all returns were available at press time.


Governor: Democratic Gov. Donald Siegelman won reelection over Republican Rep. Bob Riley.

Senate: Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions held off Democrat Susan Parker to retain his seat.

House: There were seven House seats in contention. The GOP won four seats and was leading for a fifth. The Democrats won two seats.


Governor: Republican Sen. Frank Murkowski defeated Democratic Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer.

Senate: Republican Sen. Ted Stevens defeated Democrat Frank Vondersaar to retain his seat.

House: There was one House seat in contention.


Governor: Democrat Janet Napolitano was in a close race with Republican Matt Salmon.

House: There were eight seats in contention. Republicans won six and Democrats two.

Other: Voters approved an increase in cigarette taxes from 58 cents to $1.18 per pack.


Governor: Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee defeated Democrat Jimmie Lou Fisher.

Senate: Republican Sen. Tim Hutchinson lost his bid for a second term to Democratic Atty. Gen. Mark Pryor, son of popular former Sen. David Pryor.

House: There were four seats in contention. The incumbents won and the split remained in favor of the Democrats, 3 to 1.

Other: Voters were deciding whether to eliminate taxes on food and medicine.